Happy New Month Of December 2022

It’s the first day of the new month and the last month of the year 2022. I wish all my readers a very happy December 😊, every month has it’s importance and every day has its own significance, for me, I appreciate the Blessings of my Lord which HE has bestowed me with. Nowadays, it’s really a blessing to even wake up in the morning healthy, especially when we have many people around us who have passed in their sleep. One should be thankful for every little thing in life and that’s what I believe. One should be thankful for every pulse that is running in your body, because if that one pulse doesn’t pulsate then you know you’re gone the next minute. 

This year has passed with lots of ups and downs especially because, due to the Covid a lot of people have lost their jobs, many employees of the famous companies and organizations have been laid off and they are still in the stance of struggling to find another job, which of-course is a difficult part and is still something that everyone is going through. 

So, I wish and hope that every reader present on my Blog and those who read my article, I really pray that every problem of yours fade away, may you have the ease to every sorrow, may you have lots of happiness after every sunset, may you live healthy and happy and prosper every single day and may you shine as bright as the sun always, amen. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Month of December 2022 from the Paw family❤️

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Winters Please Be Kind To All

If we come to think of it, Humans are mean towards everything of their interest. Whether it’s a job, a get-together, functions, events, or even weather- we are always having double thoughts towards everything our mind can think of. Isn’t it? That’s why, even when we are not halfway through the year, we start shopping for the winters to arrive in order to wear all the jackets, boots, scarves and what not, but when the Winter finally arrives, all we are wearing is everything except Jackets, boots and scarves! LOL

Joke apart, but for a second do we realize, what are we doing for the other living beings on the planet? are we being considerate towards them, or have you asked yourself even once, that what have you done throughout the day for other living being on the planet? If you are able to answer any one question above, it would make me believe that you are kind human that at-least you thought about a soul.

Similarly, in this freezing weather, be kind before you start your engine, don’t forget to check underneath your car as the cats and dogs seek shelter. This is the least that we can do to save them from any danger.

Isn’t it? What do you think?

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Thank You Meow Pets!

Winters are now about to enter the region and it is that time of the season where the animals tend to seek shelter underneath the cars or even inside the engine as it is warmer place for them to hide during this weather.

I would like to thank Meow Pets who have sent me cute Cat houses for my Cats, now they would sleep in a cozy place, and I am sure, the number of Cats that are increasing on daily basis, they would love to sleep inside this spacious Cat house.

If anyone of you is interested, then kindly get in touch with me through our Contact form and we will get back to you.

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Social Media Monday

Good morning readers! 

As today is Monday, so we are here again to share with you our Social Media Accounts through which you can be well connected. Welcome to #MarketingMondays

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