Where There Is A Will There Is A Way

Well, we all do agree to the fact where there is a will- there is a way. Absolutely no second thoughts about it. As an individual, I feel that if we feel the urge of doing something in our lives may it be for saving someone’s life or either rescuing an animal from his misery, there is an inner satisfaction which tells us that yes! You’ve saved a soul. That’s what I call is the voice which we all need to follow.

In today’s era, everyone has their own lives, lost in their own world of worries and happiness whereas, there are people who are facing the worst issues of life. But- even then, they have the will of saving someone else from their misery. Today, I saw a homeless person feeding five little puppies, three times a meal- the same question arise in my head that how can he afford, when he doesn’t even have a place to live by himself. It would stun you as it did to me-he replied “GOD is there to feed me and I am here to feed them”. This statement really made me smile at his deed. Come to think of it, often people like him would either feed themselves or people who are like them but in this scenario I saw him feeding these animals.

We count our miseries and they count their blessings🙂isn’t that strange? We have all the luxuries in life but still are hesitant to step forward a be a lending hand for someone whereas, people like them- having empty pockets still have the guts to step forward and share with what they have.

Picture says it all

There are people within us- while having nothing still have a heart of gold. We cannot be judgmental upon the looks of someone, as we do not know who does what to keep the Lord happy.

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals” – Immanuel Kant

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Have You Ever Noticed Your Pet’s Eyes?

Yeah! Come to think of it. Have you ever noticed how well your pet communicates with you. Obviously! They don’t speak our language but it doesn’t means that they can’t express.

A person whose dealt with animals or has pets in their homes, I am sure they would be able to relate to this. It is sometimes a very overwhelming experience to have a pet around, whose doing those frolics to gain your attention and that would mean the world to them. Ever wondered why do they act like a baby? The answer is pretty simple- all they require is your attention, your time and want to be around you 24/7/365. Yup! That’s true- one of the reasons why you should always think twice before getting a pet for your family. It is very important to give valuable time to your pet in order to keep him happy and healthy. Your duty doesn’t ends right there, it keeps on going and growing with time until you’ve trained your pup well. No matter what language you speak-your pet will be able to understand your sign and verbal language. After all, Love has no barriers.

Those eyes are to die for. How many of you have been melted by your pet’s eyes! Share your comments below!

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Are You A Breed Conscious?

A question that basically sounds astonishing who label themselves as ‘Animal Lovers’. I have witnessed people in my surrounding, watched many rescue videos and have always had a set back by people’s reaction!

There are still people around us who would actually spend thousands of Dollars to purchase a good breed of either a dog or a horse or any other animal. But wouldn’t have the heart to actually go and visit the animal shelter and give a home to those homeless animals. What have they done wrong? Don’t they deserve a loving home forever? If they ended up in a shelter, it doesn’t means that they are not worth your love and affection. This is the difference between an Animal Lover and Breed Conscious people. The person who is devoted would go an extra mile to save the animals from the shelter and give them a home, because they realize that those animals deserve equal treatment like any other pedigree animal. The shelter homes are not to be taken for granted, as the number of rescue animals increases, the shelters have no space to accommodate them and the poor souls are subjected to kill each year. There are certain states which have Kill Shelter, which means where the animals at the shelter homes are killed and each year approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized which includes dogs and cats. Ever wondered why are they euthanized? the only reason is- people don’t adopt 😔

People are abandoning their pets and animal shelters are filled with those rescues. We have to stop being picky about the breed of the dog and concentrate of how to decrease the animals at the shelter. If 1 person out of 10 steps forward, we will actually be able to save and spread awareness of adopting animals from the shelter and giving them forever home rather than spending lump sum amount on the specific breed. It time we all need to come together and join hands to save our furry friends.

I am doing my part- Are you?

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A Letter By Animals

There is a huge planet called Earth- it has a massive population of two legged weird creatures who are in the greed of monetary value and have forgotten the purpose they were created for. Why do they forget that like them, we were also created to together beautify our mother earth. This world has lost sanity, feelings for us and our well-being.

Every year in China there is Yulin Festival where our fellow friends (dogs) are picked up from the streets and sold in the market to be cooked alive just because the humans think that we taste good while in that state. Don’t you human feel the pain while you’re doing this horrific act on us? Why are you so heartless?

Our friends ORCA the beautiful Killer Whale- at the famous SeaWorld- are tamed to entertain people in that small tank where they can hardly breathe at ease and live apart from their families. How would you (human) feel if you’re parted from your own family-children? We also have children and beautiful family and we just like you, live together forever- why have you lost feelings for us? We live in the wild and are free to live the way we wish-don’t destroy us, don’t part us from our families.

Why are the man hunter after our cat family in the wild? They are already endangered species and they want to vanish their existence just for their own pride? Probably- humans love to have stuffed dead body of animals, may be this gives them happiness.

What an irony, human! You have forgotten the purpose of your life that the Lord bestowed you with. You have lost your dignity, sanity, emotions and feelings- this shows your ruthless behavior towards our existence!

Pledging from all the humans out there, we have our own habitat- don’t take our lives, don’t separate us from our families and don’t kill us for fun. We have a heart, emotions and feelings- we do get hurt and we do feel pain.

It is time for you Humans to think twice before you do any unjustified behavior with us as you never know what Karma can do to you!

If you have any furry friend who is in need of help, then get in touch with us.

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Hi! My Name Is Diesel

A bit surprised to have me around here? Oh human! Actually my master forgot to introduce me to her blog, but as a matter of fact she cannot forget about me🤣you know how it goes. Well, so let me begin- my name is Diesel (yeah, that’s right.. she named me when I was a little puppy who use to make her run around the whole front yard and you know what- she couldn’t get a hold of me🤣) anyways, I am 8 years old, a cross of Mastiff and African Boerbull. Yup that’s me.

I came in her life when I was 3.5month old naughty puppy who use to bother her a lot, by always getting out of my playpen, pissing and pooping around and then making those noises (yeah, it happens- I was just a puppy). I was beginning to learn the tricks that she taught me. I agree- that I gave her a hard time but with each passing day we both started to share a great bonding of trust, love and affection. That’s us-me and my pawfect human.

The fact of having a loved one around who really understands you, is just an amazing feeling. I feel so lucky to have such a human in my life. (Yeah, at times it does bother me since she has other dogs around too and now a cat but it’s all good when my master is with me and I sniff no one from her).

Share your human stories here, we would love to hear it from you all.

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