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Hello everyone hope you all are doing well, staying safe and taking all the precautionary measures for Covid variants.

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Target Cat Food Gathers Attention Of My Cats!

Here, this is what happens when my Cats get to know that their food has arrived. Their favorite meal of all time is Target Cat Food, ever since the Imported Pet Food has been banned, I have been recommending everyone about this local pet brand, as this is something that everyone should switch to for multiple reasons.

Target Cat Food happens to be a local brand with all the basic nutrition value, with the best ingredients as per the flavor mentioned on the packs. This comes in 5 Flavors, Tuna, Beef, Chicken Vegetable, Ocean Fish, Chicken. All of these flavors are very digestive and healthy on Cats, as I have been feeding them since a year ever since I had received it as PR package.

I would recommend this Pet Food to everyone who has cats at home and are looking forward for the best food for their Pets.

Head out to me if you have any queries regarding the product.

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Happy New Month Of March 2022

It is so overwhelming to have your positive response about our cause and effort that we put forward for speaking for the rights of the Animals. We really do put in a lot of effort because we really think that there is room for improvement and a change that is very much needed is yet to come. With so much going on, we forget about the ones who need us more just because, they can’t speak and can’t complain, but we can understand and can raise a voice for them. With our little efforts, we try to reach out to audience on a wider pace so that we can share our thoughts and teach awareness about the Animals and their importance in our society. It is for sure heart breaking and saddening to see such people coming up with so much hatred for the Animals specially to the ones who are on streets, the way they are treated by the people and children, it’s really very disturbing. In order to create right approach, the right method, we have opted for giving lessons, talking upfront, if witnessed then we intervene and teach the people or children on how to care for the Animals. The main purpose is to show empathy towards Animals, with love and affection even the Animals would feel secure around Humans. It is the Animals who needs our support and care rather than Humans because the ones who have no say are those who are hurt the most.

So keep on reading and spreading knowledge with everyone you know who owns pets or are an animal enthusiasts just like me! I am sure with utmost dedication and efforts we shall be able to make this society a better place to live in.

Together We Can and We Will Bring A Change!

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Do You Feel Cold?

All over the globe the weather has been changing, that’s the effect because of Global warming, the ozone layer is reducing which is causing so many disturbances in the weather all over the globe, we can only pray that it doesn’t gets difficult in the coming years. Somewhere on earth either it is snowing or somewhere it is pleasant to extreme summers. Well, in most of the incidents, we have learned that the pet owners don’t often take care of their pets enough. They don’t give them the proper care that their pet needs, it’s alright to punish the pet but it is not alright to chain them outside in the snow for long hours in the night! how insane it is!! I don’t understand what is wrong with the mentality of the people? Why so much of anger and frustration is found in the people of this generation. I understand that the pandemic has made our lives a bit slow and monotonous, but it doesn’t gives us the right to be a monster for the one who cannot even speak for themselves! That’s totally inhumane.

Always remember, if you feel cold then they feel more cold than you. They can get sick to death, please don’t let them stay out in the snow, show some mercy and care towards these animals whether they are your pets or if you find them anywhere on the street. They also deserve some affection, so give them that.

Don’t forget they do have the same feelings as of us. They also have a heart which beats like ours 24/7/365. The only difference is Animals don’t play with our hearts, it’s the Humans who play with their little heart and damages their soul to death.

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Social Media Monday

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As today is Monday, so we are here again to share with you our Social Media Accounts through which you can be well connected. Welcome to #MarketingMondays

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