Second Time Sunshine Blogger Award

This is my second nomination of The Sunshine Blogger Award by Sumayya Ali. I feel so excited and happy for being nominated for this specific award for the second time. Thank you Sumayya once again. I really want all my followers to head out to her blog and read her articles as they are so interesting that you would feel like exploring more of her write-up. Her articles are close to heart and based on reality. So head out to


1. Thank the person who nominated you, and provide a link back to their blogging site.

2. Answer the questions.

3. Nominate 11 other bloggers; and ask them 11 new questions.

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Questions That I Was Asked By Sumayya Ali:

1. If not a blogger then you would have been?

Ans: I would have been an Anchor. Why? Because I love to talk about anything that is happening around us and in our society

2. How to stop violence against women?

Ans: It’s time for Women to speak up about their respect and rights. We as a nation can only succeed when the people of our society start understanding the factor that causes miserable upbringing of the children. Mothers are the ones, who need to understand that the upbringing is a vital factor of every household, may it be a boy or a girl, may they be poor or rich- respect can be given and taught, and that can only happen when a child grows in such an environment where he can see how much respect his mother has been given from his father.

3. Do you consider yourself modern or traditional?

Ans: I am a blend of both. Being modern is not about showing skin, and being traditional is not about being cladded in yards of cloth. Lol

4. How to fight the issue of global warming?

Ans: Yes! Good question. But the point is, it’s the planet which is being badly affected by the global warming and the ones who caused such misery, are happy in their homes! We need to join hands and start working on it together rather than picking a finger on another! We should start talking about it with our friends and family and directly get in touch with the personnel, to bring new laws that limits carbon emissions and require polluters to pay for the emissions they produce.

5. Fast food or eating at home?

Ans: Ummm… eating out☺️

6. What’s your most comfortable dressing style?

Ans: My most comfortable dressing style is Kurti and tights (all seasons)

7. Can you compromise on your passion if it’s the need of the hour?

Ans: When passion comes on saving someone’s life, then probably, I would not compromise, as saving a life is far more important than anything else in the world

8. Name 1 of your most favorite hobby?

Ans: Pets ☺️Spending time with them!!

9. You want the next year to be?

Ans: A blessing, comforting, peaceful

10. Rain or sunshine?

Ans: Both are a blessing so I cannot really pick one 🙂

11. Joseph Chilton Pearce says, To live a creative life. We must loose our fear of being wrong. Your thoughts.

Ans: Actually, the world that we live in is a Lie itself. The world today is of Technology, you can see many people raising their voice and cursing on social media regarding any issue or a video that goes viral. There are multiple people on social media, who would tag their fake location while sitting at home, why? Just to show that they are socializing! The basic thing that we all need to observe is, what can fear do? What harm can it bring? Except of it eating us from inside and making us more worried about something that is probably not even going to happen. But in the wildest thought, it will happen! So, we all should be positive even if, we know, that we are taking a wrong step in life, but one should be positive by all means- even if wrong!

The Ones That I Choose To Nominate Are:

1- Qasir Z Khan

2- The Rendezvous Club

3- Community Nap

4- Best Dog Training Tips

5- Drink The Happy Coffee

6- Rachel Mankowitz

7- Laura J Warden

8- Emma Grace

9- Daily Feline Wisdom

Looking forward to some really cool answers!


Liebster Award Nomination

What an amazing beginning of the week! First it was the Sunshine Blogger Award and now it is the first Liebster Award 2018! I am thankful to Areesha Abid It’s an honor for me to be rewarded with such awards. I am so overwhelmed with the heart warming support from my fellow bloggers and followers from over the globe.


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  5. Give these blogs 1-11 questions to answer.

Questions That I Am Asked:

  1. Democracy or religion what will you choose?

Ans: Religion comes first

2. Savings account or current account what will your preference if you are opening an account on bank?

Ans: Current Account (always)

3. Pets or babies who are more cute?

Ans: I am an animal lover so according to me pets are as cute as babies

4. Are you a feminist?

Ans: Yes!

5. What will you like to have in breakfast daily?

Ans: A cup of tea followed with boiled egg and bran bread

6. If you have an opportunity to be whatever you want. What will you like to be?

Ans: Animals Savior

7. Watching Movie in cinema with popcorn or home theatre with pizza blankets and pajamas?

Ans: Watching movie in Cinema

8. What is dream in your opinion?

Ans: Dream is something which we, try to live with our eyes closed

9. What is the weight of a person’s hair?( just a guess)

Ans: Now it just depends 🙂 as it may differ to short hair and long hair

10. Are you a conversation starter?

Ans: Yes

11. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Ans: I am an extrovert person

Questions To My Nominations:

1. What are those things that you are grateful for?

2. Is potato a vegetable or a fruit?

3. Which movies you like to watch Horror/Comedy/Thriller or Romantic?

4. Daughters are a blessing. Do you agree?

5. 5 fingers are not equal. How can you differentiate between them?

6. What is your favorite color

7. Android or Ios user?

8. Anything that you regret in life

9. You like to cook?

10. Animals look good in Zoos or in Sanctuaries?

11. Are you brand conscious?

I Would Nominate:

1. Zainab Khan Site

2. Almost Muslima

3. Fariha Abrar

4. Marc Andre

5. Simple Ula

6. Charles Warden Psychology

Once again congratulations to the nominees and wishing you all the best in your future of writing. Cheers!

Sunshine Blogger Award

I am so delighted to share that I have been awarded for the first time The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thank you Areesha Abid worldinwordsbyareeshaabid for awarding me with this title. Do read her articles as they are very close to life and something that will keep you going.

By the grace of Almighty, I have come to a point where I can proudly say that yes I have accomplished my goal that I had once thought of. I remember that I had been thinking about writing regarding my two bits of what I feel about the beautiful creation by our Creator. I feel like myself- when I am with my pets and the bond that I share with them is incomparable to what I share with my Human friends.

I would like to thank Areesha Abid for awarding me with this beautiful title which means a lot to me. I started writing in June and it’s amazing to have such supportive bloggers and followers who actually get in touch with me personally and wait for my write-up. That feeling is just amazing!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site.
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The Questions That I Am Asked:

1- What is the niche of your blog?

Ans: My niche includes each and every individual who is a part of this society.

2- In which language do you like to write the most?

Ans: I prefer English.

3- Between love and money what will be your preference?

Ans: I would prefer love, because money cannot buy everything.

4- Portion control or cheat diet? What is your mode of eating?

Ans: I always go for healthy diet, so yes, portion control.

5- How did you treat a person lesser than you?

Ans: I always thank Allah The Almighty for blessing me with care, love and affection because it is something that is very rare nowadays. I have always lend my hand for those in need and Alhumdulillah- I am blessed that I am amongst those who never steps back when in need.

6- What make you laugh the most in your life?

Ans: Oh my! Well, honestly, when my pet dog does anything just to grab my attention!

7- What are the qualities you want in your life partner the most?

Ans: The qualities that I look for in a husband are probably the ones which don’t exists. But yes, someone who would be able to be supportive as in morally, someone who cares, is kind enough to my family, who acts like a pillar whenever I tremble and shouldn’t be bossy and greedy by all means.

8- Have you ever lie to anyone?

Ans: If I say answer with a NO, then that would be a lie. I believe there have been some instances in the early school days, that I actually lied about my examinations date! I was not prepared and I never wanted to study. This was way back when I was in my grade 8.

9- What is prayer means in your opinion?

Ans: Prayer is gratitude. For me prayer is any good deed that we do in our life.

10- How important is an individual freedom according to you?

Ans: An individual freedom means a lot to me. May it be any relationship, we need to understand that the ‘space’ between two people is very important. After all, nobody would like to suffocate someone with his/her likes and dislikes. Every person has the right to make moves accordingly as per their wish.

11- Ever face depression in your life?

Ans: Depression never and I thank my Lord Almighty for that.

My Questions Are:

1- What is the meaning of Life in your dictionary?

2- What does Blogging brings to you? Self satisfaction or stress release?

3- If you were not a Blogger, then what would you have opted for?

4- Which cuisine you prefer the most?

5- What do you have to say about ‘Life After Death’?

7- Life is a bed of roses but with thorns? How far do you agree to this statement?

8- If you were chosen as the President of your Country, what would be the first thing that you would have done?

9- Are you a pet lover?

10- One fine morning you wake up to a huge surprise of $100,000/- cheque kept at your bed side table. How would you react?

My Nominations Are:

1- Fariha Abrar:

2- Peer2PeerGQ:

3- Sumayya Ali:

4- Simple Ula

5- Annietagert1985

I look forward for all the amazing answers from my nominations!

A big thank you to all my followers for the love and support for my write-ups. Also thank you Areesha Abid for honoring me with this award.

Life Is Very Unpredictable-Be Nice Before Table Turns

It is often said to be nice to everyone, as ‘karma’ is always watching you! Ever wondered why? It is a famous fact, that what goes around comes around. One always has to face the music he composed. Isn’t it?

We can fool people on this land but we cannot fool the Creator who created us. We have no value at all, yet we have pride of being the superior being. Yet we think, we are the ultimate source of providing the needy with the blessings that we have. Today with a heavy heart I have to share an incident, that occurred right before my eyes and I was amazed to see how karma took revenge. The incident took place on a busy road of Metropolitan City, my car was parked at the parking area and just as I was admiring a litter of puppies lying with their mother on the road side, I saw a ruthless biker who literally rode over and started laughing loudly. Just as I was about to run after him, I noticed that he was hit by a car!! I mean, a while ago he hurt a poor animal, (thank God, puppy wasn’t harmed) and now he was himself lying on the road injured!

Everything has it’s time. No one is suppose to take anything for granted but we fail and take everyone for granted. What happens next? We face our own created music and curse ourselves for what he had done. Animals are voiceless but have a heart more than Humans. And we, Humans are ruthless two-legged being who lives in a full of attitude, worthless life and yet we are proud of ourselves!

Think before you hurt someone!

Is It A Crime To Be Homeless And Owning A Dog?

There is not a single day where I get to witness hatred for the animals let alone be Humans. Whenever I wake up in the morning, every single day I say a prayer for my furry friends all over the globe. Will that be a crime too, one day?

Being homeless and owning a dog doesn’t or shouldn’t be a harm to a society, until the homeless boy’s dog really bothers the passerby. What harm were they causing, were they being an intruder, theft or just a bad luck? I am totally devastated by the news, that in Barcelona, Spain, an unplesant incident occurred which has let many animal activists, animal carers and organization raise a voice for an unjustified act, it is said that at a hotel parking lot, there was a homeless boy with his dog, who use to sell bracelets. The hotel management and the people crossing by found it disturbing and called local police. There were five patrols, between 10 and 12 policemen to try and drive the boy and his dog out of the parking lot near the hotel. The policemen beat up the boy upon which his dog started to panic and bark, which led the policemen shot the dog 😔dead and arrested the boy.

Today in Barcelona, they will demonstrate at the doors of the hotel, and also this Saturday. Join the protest and ask for justice for the poor homeless boy and his dog.

Protest is on December 22nd at 5pm, Barcelona City Hall.

It’s not a crime to be homeless and own a pet- this act shows how Humans have turned their backs on the people who need the help the most!

Source: Nymeria Real Nature