Covering everything that you need to know Animals and their Characteristics. All the articles cover about how would it be to have them as a Pet and how to deal with day to day care in assurance with the right method of training and discipling your Pet.

  • Happy New Month Of February 2023!

    Wishing everyone of you a Happy New Month Of February 2023 and how can we not talk about Love and Affection that we all come together on this month and celebrate Valentine’s Day! I wish each one of you the very best of luck in this month and the months to come as this year […]

  • Hello! Meet Fluffy

    One of the thing that I want to share with you all is that my Cat Fluffy is now in such a wonderful state of health. Ma sha Allah (touch wood). The most amazing is the transformation as it took months of care, affection and love. Basically it is the care that you need to […]

  • Social Media Monday

    Good morning readers!  As today is Monday, so we are here again to share with you our Social Media Accounts through which you can be well connected. Welcome to #MarketingMondays Scroll below: Listen to my Podcast on Breaker Listen to my Podcast on RadioPublic Listen to my Podcast On Spotify Listen to my Podcast on PocketCasts Follow us on Instagram: @Henablogforpaws Follow us on […]

  • Sunday Post: Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

    One of the beautiful fact that we can witness is from the Animals affection towards other species. Watch Here We thought to share this video with you all so that you could also have a great weekend just like ours! Stay safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones and ofcourse your pets as […]

  • Saturday Post: Love Triangle

    If you could know what real love means, then probably you would never break someone’s heart. Animals have feelings and they show and express it to their loved ones, unlike Humans who wait for the right time. Watch Here Isn’t it heart warming video which can actually tell that these animals have feelings and sentiments […]

  • Friday Quote: Be Kind To Animals

    You do good to others, eventually you will be rewarded and I believe in this because, I have seen it from my own eyes. Every time I used to get worried that how will I be able to feed the cats of my area, I always used to get a sponsor for the monthly food […]

  • Dog Culling On The Rise

    There isn’t any single day when I don’t wake up to the news of Dog Culling, there are multiple people sharing disturbing videos, images where it can be seen how the animals specially dogs were poisoned and how they were killed. My question to you all is in the video below, watch here. Why are […]

  • Poultry And Pets Care Hospital

    Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well and are in the best of health. I am very excited to announce that Dr. Asim Khan who is from Mardan, has now opened up his Poultry and Pets Care Hospital, which has all the basic needs of your animals, whether it’s thorough checkup, surgery, laboratory […]

  • Keep A Close Look On Your Outdoor Pets!

    It’s been in the news that how the weather is supposed to change and is expected to change drastically, so kindly make sure that your outdoor pets are safe and secure. It is not only concerned for the weather to affect animals though, but it is because of the heavy rainfall and snow that can […]