Saturday Post: Don’t Abandon Your Pets Ever!

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. Today is the beginning of the weekend, and many of you might be having plans to hangout with your friends or family, before I go on I just want to ask that how many of you would ever abandon your Pets when you realize that you have no place to go or have to travel or have financial crisis, how many of you would abandon your pets with the situations you are dealing with? Do mention in the comment below, as I would be anxiously waiting for the answers.

Mostly what we have witnessed and seen is that people without hesitation always take Animals for granted and that as if it was never meant anything to them, their existence is just a burden on them and that they hold no sentimental value towards their pets, people with dire consequences or situations are the ones who end up begging their friends to lend them a helping hand in need, because there are no other place where they can keep their pet until they find a home, but unfortunately what happens is that the same people end up giving the pet forever, in short abandons them!

Watch Here

This man in the video is someone who has no clue what is left behind in his passenger seat and what next he is suppose to do!

A plea to all of you, to please think before you have a pet at your place, they are living beings and holds the similar sentimental values with emotions and feelings that you feel for something or someone. Don’t just take them for granted just because they are Animals, these animals also have the right to live on this land equally as us, the only problem is that they are the ones who are not considered being included in a family as Family Members.

Do mention in the comment below about my question asked above.

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It’s That Time Of The Year, Take Care Of Your Pets

Don’t forget that it’s that time of the year where you cannot leave your pets unattended outside your house. So please, if you think you cannot handle the responsibility that comes with Pets then please do not bother to have one.

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Animals Are Not Toys!

What do you do if you are left aloof somewhere at a place where you have noone to play with and no familiar faces-feel awkward right? What do you expect from the Animal? Don’t they have feelings and compassion towards their Humans?

They do! They have more sensational feelings for their humans rather than Human does for them, how pathetic! The mindset is so weird. For animals we are their whole life and for us they are a part of our life! If this mindset doesn’t changes then it would be a lot difficult to live in a society where Animals are not considered as living beings who also make a difference in our lives!

It would be completely false if I’d say that an animal as pet, can be a burden only and not someone you can count on! I bet I can challenge you on that, you know why? Because there has been multiple situations over a period of time that makes me believe that I cannot trust on my gut but when my dog senses something awkward then it is meant to be true!

If you want me to make another post about my experience then mention in the comment below.

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Picture Says It All

They might be poor from the outside but rich from their hearts. This picture has been revolving around on the social media taken a lot of rounds on the pages and groups of Animals. This indeed is an act of appreciation to the ‘people in the picture’.

It clearly shows that how poor they are, but the way they are giving a ride to this little dog and the love the lady is showering on the dog is enough for us to give them respect and blessings. In a world like now, where people are dieing out of hunger and pandemic, there are such people too who feel the pain of hungry and abandoned animals.

Hoping there would be a place soon where, animals are given equal rights as a man on this land.

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In The Midst Of The Night

What can you expect from an Animal Enthusiast? This generation is blessed with a technology called Cell-Phone. This gadget has saved millions of pictures of their loved ones and the one who uses it rightly, is considered to be a genius! It’s a joke.

I being an animal advocate, blogger, animal enthusiast, I am always on the look out for any animal who needs help by any means. I try to be their support and their voice because someone has to be their Words to describe their pain and agony they face everyday. Just one day, be in their shoes and feel the hunger, the thirst, the hatred by humans around, being homeless, mother and siblings either killed or became a victim of hit and run cases. We need to help all these animals together and that would be possible only when we stop being Breed conscious. The day we start accepting the fact that Loyalty doesn’t come with breed, that would be the day when we would start appreciating the ones that are not only proper breeds but the ones who are homeless and abandoned.

Think about it.

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