Woman Achievement Award 2022

All Praises to Allah Almighty, All Praises to HIM! Indeed, I am nothing and whatever I am today it is because of HIM, HE showed me the path and lead me to being what I am today.

My third award for this year, Alhumdulillah, on the occasion of Woman Achievement Award 2022, I am awarded with the title of Impactful woman, who strives hard to make this society better where Animals and Humans can learn to co-exist.

Indeed, this has happened by the prayers of my parents, siblings and ofcourse the animals whom I have helped knowingly or unknowingly, their prayers are also counted and brought me on this platform where I am awarded as a Woman of Steel, Woman of Substance and a Iron Lady!

Indeed, good things come to those, who do good to others!

Always remember “Whatever Good You Put Out In The World, Finds It Way Coming Back At You”

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Happy New Month Of March 2022

It is so overwhelming to have your positive response about our cause and effort that we put forward for speaking for the rights of the Animals. We really do put in a lot of effort because we really think that there is room for improvement and a change that is very much needed is yet to come. With so much going on, we forget about the ones who need us more just because, they can’t speak and can’t complain, but we can understand and can raise a voice for them. With our little efforts, we try to reach out to audience on a wider pace so that we can share our thoughts and teach awareness about the Animals and their importance in our society. It is for sure heart breaking and saddening to see such people coming up with so much hatred for the Animals specially to the ones who are on streets, the way they are treated by the people and children, it’s really very disturbing. In order to create right approach, the right method, we have opted for giving lessons, talking upfront, if witnessed then we intervene and teach the people or children on how to care for the Animals. The main purpose is to show empathy towards Animals, with love and affection even the Animals would feel secure around Humans. It is the Animals who needs our support and care rather than Humans because the ones who have no say are those who are hurt the most.

So keep on reading and spreading knowledge with everyone you know who owns pets or are an animal enthusiasts just like me! I am sure with utmost dedication and efforts we shall be able to make this society a better place to live in.

Together We Can and We Will Bring A Change!

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What A Commendable Rescue By These Heroes

It is always essential to appreciate and praise the efforts that is done by the rescuers because it is for them that we are at home and at ease or else we would be unable to help those in need. No matter if it is an animal or a Human at need, it is all about saving humanity.

There have been many videos which have been shared and are viral on social media where we can see a man standing at the balcony and saving a cat of a neighbor of a apartment. Like many other to mention, this video will easily be able to convince that Humanity does exists and there are people who do really go an extra mile to help save an animal.

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Catch Us On TikTok

Hey guys, so finally we have our official TikTok Channel up and rolling.

Just follow us here and comment, share and like our videos and also spread the word, this way we would be able to reach as many people as possible and would be able to cater our awareness on a bigger platform.

TikTok is not only about entertainment videos, it is also about lessons, knowledge and nature. It is on us what we chose to watch and learn. It is always better to opt for the right choices and therefore we are glad that we have now commenced our activity on sharing awareness for the Animals on other famous channel TikTok.

So follow us there and help us reach our goals.

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Every Little Effort Counts

Blessed! I really feel blessed to be counted as one of the Inspirational people who has made an impact on the society.

It gives me a great pleasure to inform my readers that I would be coming Live soon only on Kidpreneurs Pakistan.

I shall be sharing my live session’s timing very soon.

Stay tuned, stay safe and stay home!

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