Say No To Animal Cruelty

It is our right to step up for those who need us most, it is the Animals who need our help in raising voice for asking for justice for their living in our society. Ever wondered, why we Humans always take our frustrations out on poor animals who can not even complain or say anything in return except of trying to defend themselves, they can’t do anything on by themselves. We humans are literally a disgrace to the society because we have done everything which can only devalue us at all levels. It is not about a certain group of people or a place in a city or a specific country, forget the religion or caste, we here are referring to Humans (Mankind), ask yourself, have you ever stopped any animal abuse from happening? Do mention in comments below because I want to know that how many people are there on my list, who would actually speak up for the Rights of the Animals, it is not a big thing that I am asking you to do, it is our responsibility to take care of everything and everyone around us because ultimately this is why we were brought on this land for, to help each other and not to let others down when they need us. I am unable to share the video of such an incident that has taken place in India, where a young boy had captured many dogs from the streets of all the ages, from puppies to adults, he use to capture them, torture and then kill them. I don’t understand the concept of Animal Abuse, why to harm an Animal? Under what circumstances does someone does this, I fail to understand that are we Humans no Human anymore, has the mankind died within us that we do not have the guts to stop the guy from committing this heinous crime? I am total in loss of words, but at the same time I am thankful that the puppies and animals are at-least safe and are now under safe hands.

I would request you all to stay vigilant, alert around your surroundings because you never know what is going around you. If you have ever encountered someone of doing same or have witnessed or helped raise a voice against it, then mention in the comment below.

Remember, Together We Can And We Will Bring A Change In Our Society Where Animals Can Live Freely!

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Animal Cruelty At It’s Peak!

Why would you do this to any animal? why? I just don’t understand what is wrong with people and their actions, why would they want to hurt an animal who is so naive and innocent, and just because he cannot complain about his pain, it doesn’t means he doesn’t feels it, he feels every inch of pain that you cause him yet these people don’t realize.

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When I see people making laughing emojis on such videos, it literally breaks my heart and makes me so angry that I wish to simply ask them that if they were to live the life of a Homeless animal then they would know how difficult it is to survive in a land where the two legged monsters are after his life.

We have to make this society a better place for animals to live in else, they would be killed for either entertainment or for fun! We have to stop animal cruelty as it is something that we can help the mankind to learn some ethics towards every living being.

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When Will Dog Fights End?

Dog fights are considered as one of the brutal game all over the world. Like I don’t understand the logic behind these games where you see two dogs fighting and the weaker one is brutally killed by the other dog whereas the crowd keeps standing and cheers on the winning dog as they have placed a bet on it.

It is similar to the fact that these Animals are used as objects, to be used and abused in any way possible and which can actually benefit the lust of Humans. How pathetic isn’t it? There are other games all over the globe which till date do exist and no one can put a stop to it, recently I was reading news and came across a famous Bull Fight game where the bull was brutally attacked and killed to death whereas, the audience cheered on the manly act. If you think of it, how can it be so brave of someone to get into the ditch and play do or die game with a four times bigger size of a Human? How daring it is? The horrifying and painful part is that, these people are only after money, the majority crowd loves these types of games and also place a good bet on them. It is because of them that these beautiful animals are endangered.

I request you all to please help us placing a ban on such cruel games where these Animals are objected and used as Human’s bait. These animals are meant to live freely and without any restrictions.

If you feel the same then do comment below.

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If You Can’t Keep A Pet Then Don’t Keep One Please!

It is so heart breaking to see poor soul left alone to die. Why to bother a pet and keep it chained until it gives him up on his life. The pain, the agony that pet goes through is indescribable. Please don’t bother to have a pet when you can’t take care of them.

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Those who feel the pain of an Animal are not Angels, but are Humans who feel for every living being’s existence.

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Do Not Keep Your Pets Hungry

Those who are able to read would understand what is written in this image and for those who don’t understand I would explain them in the translation.

The Image states: Prophet (Peace Be Upon HIM) said “A woman was rott in hell because she kept a Cat hungry and thirsty till so late that the Cat died”. That woman was sent to hell”

Prophet (Peace Be Upon HIM) said that Allah Subhana Wa Tallah said “Indeed Allah knows the best, when you kept the Cat in Hunger and thirst, tied her so she could not even move around to eat the insects on the ground to keep her alive”.

We are already going through a turmoil and majority of us are already keeping in mind to take care of the Animals in our locality, if we can take care of the animals in our society then why can’t you simply take care of your Pets? If you cannot then atleast give it to someone who would take care of the pet with love and affection. Remember, even the Animals pray for you for your kind act and would curse you for your bad act. Every thing will be given a chance to speak in against or in favor of you, now the choice is yours. Which would you pick?

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