Animal Lover Or Breed Lover?

It is pretty confusing when it comes in defining An Animal Lover and a Breed Lover because many people amongst us call themselves as Animal Lover/Animal Enthusiasts but mainly they are Breed Lovers. What makes this statement true is that recently we had conducted a survey online from youngsters (18-35) and adults (45-75 and above) in which we had asked the same question. What surprised us that majority of them didn’t know the exact meaning or were able to differentiate between the two.

Animal lover is the one who loves all living creatures despite of it’s breed and Breed lover is the one who only is involved in specific breeds of certain animals. How come many of them weren’t able to define? Because what they know is that owning an animal is not the only status symbol but also the specific breed is an icing on the cake. Therefore such mentalities are often found around us yet we aren’t able to do much about it.

We easily accuse a stray animal as Ugly though the person saying it is representing “his own self”. What we think about others is what we think about ourselves therefore it is very important to first learn to define yourself and then others.

Live a life of a stray then you’ll be able to recognise yourself better!