What A Commendable Rescue By These Heroes

It is always essential to appreciate and praise the efforts that is done by the rescuers because it is for them that we are at home and at ease or else we would be unable to help those in need. No matter if it is an animal or a Human at need, it is all about saving humanity.

There have been many videos which have been shared and are viral on social media where we can see a man standing at the balcony and saving a cat of a neighbor of a apartment. Like many other to mention, this video will easily be able to convince that Humanity does exists and there are people who do really go an extra mile to help save an animal.

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Why To Visit A Breeder?

There are many street Animals on the road surviving for their lives and children. They also have families but the only difference is that they don’t have shelter.

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We need more people like Tanja, who can give shelter to Animals like Lilac. There is enough hatred already around us and we need to stop going to Breeders and start adopting the Street Animals, these animals don’t end up on the road theirselves, they are abandoned or left to die.

If you are one of a rescuer then do let us know so we can reach out to you in the time of need. This is the least that we can do and help the poor animals.

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Be Kind To Those On Land And HE Shall Be Kind To You Always

We are living on a land where Humans are striving for their rights till to date, yet there are some who are always raising their voice for the Voiceless (Animals).

This girl is an animal rescuer, I have come across her various videos where she is seen either rescuing Animals or being a part of Kindness. She doesn’t goes an extra mile for just being Kind, she is simply kind just the way she is for Humans.


If we start raising voice for the voiceless and speak for what is right then we will one day, will have a peaceful place to Live!

Think about it.

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