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  • In Case You Missed It: Do Your Homework Right

    This is the First question that should arrive in your mind when you think about having a furry friend in your life. What most people do is that they simply go bonkers over the arriving of their pets in the initial days and later once they are over with their cuteness and start considering as […]

  • First Feline At The ‘White House’

    First Feline At The ‘White House’

    This would be an amazing news for all the Feline enthusiasts to see that the Biden’s have now welcomed a Cat to the White House. This all happened when the little one just showed up at the First Lady’s speech This is called a good beginning with a great bond of relationship! What a good […]

  • Animals In Islam

    I would take this opportunity to thank Pakistan Animal Welfare Society for sending me a beautiful book This is a beautiful piece of information which I would like each one of you to get your own copy. If you want your own copy then mention in the comment box. Follow us on FaceBook Group: @HenaBlogForPaws

  • Animal Avenger, Right!

    I am so overwhelmed with the response towards the cause that I have been doing since a while now, yes the Journey has been amazing yet very difficult as there were times when people around me made fun of me because of the work I do but it didn’t stop me from it, I worked […]

  • Be Kind To Those On Land And HE Shall Be Kind To You Always

    We are living on a land where Humans are striving for their rights till to date, yet there are some who are always raising their voice for the Voiceless (Animals). This girl is an animal rescuer, I have come across her various videos where she is seen either rescuing Animals or being a part of […]