In Case You Missed It: Do Your Homework Right

This is the First question that should arrive in your mind when you think about having a furry friend in your life. What most people do is that they simply go bonkers over the arriving of their pets in the initial days and later once they are over with their cuteness and start considering as a liability then they start to plan on how to leave their pet or give it to a shelter home. Ouch! hurtful right, this is the bitter reality and we have got so many messages and calls and conducted plenty of rescue missions in order to find out that the pet owners weren’t interested in taking care of the pet for a lifetime so they had planned to either give it to a shelter or just leave it on the street for someone whoever wishes to adopt.

It is always recommended to first be mentally prepared for a lifetime responsibility because here we are discussing about a Life and that too a four legged pet. This is not an easy job neither it is something that can be taken care of easily, you have own up the responsibility and make sure that you are taking care of your pet whole-heartedly. When we say ‘lifetime responsibility’ majority of the people start thinking about it as if they didn’t know or they don’t know what they were planning like how would their life go in which direction once a lifetime pet arrives. Woah! This is something that everyone of you need to think about. Pets are beautiful and are a responsibility, their meals, health, annual vaccinations, care, grooming, walks and so on is involved therefore, it is said to think broadly about it. There isn’t any much of a difference between a Human Child and an Animal baby because if you analyze, their needs and behavior are same. They both need to be taken care of and with time their needs and behavior changes which we need to guide them throughout the life.

I know somebody who recently rescued a Kitty from his garden and later rescued another kitten who was a tiny baby and was found a bit hurt and looked as if the mother cat left her behind. So that person took in the kitten and kept her warm after checking out thoroughly, he wasn’t able to find his mother cat. Now after around 2months, he has an older cat, who has adopted that (then injured) kitten and bought a Puppy around 35 days old!! I mean seriously!!! When I got to know about it, I was a bit stunned and a bit upset that how would he manage. But guess what, after whole 4months, he is now taking care of a grownup Cat who has very well adopted the Kitty, who has gone healthy🧿 and a beautiful Pup (Labrador)🧿🧿 now the house is no more a house but turned into a mini-zoo. This what happens when you rescue one animal and then the chain begins. Like I always say, “No one literally rescues anybody, as the Animals make us rescue ourselves only”.

Now this is another way of looking at things, those who get it would agree to what I said.

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First Feline At The ‘White House’

This would be an amazing news for all the Feline enthusiasts to see that the Biden’s have now welcomed a Cat to the White House. This all happened when the little one just showed up at the First Lady’s speech

This is called a good beginning with a great bond of relationship! What a good start of the New Year. Isn’t it.

Comment below if you’re as excited as us to know about this.

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Animal Avenger, Right!

I am so overwhelmed with the response towards the cause that I have been doing since a while now, yes the Journey has been amazing yet very difficult as there were times when people around me made fun of me because of the work I do but it didn’t stop me from it, I worked hard and effortlessly and still continue to because I know there is a need of people like me to raise voice for the voiceless to make a difference in our society towards betterment of the lives of the four legged.

While there were people who spoke about me behind my back and on the other side there were people who were praising my efforts relentlessly. This feeling is so amazing that I cannot express in words or maybe words would become short. It is the love and respect of people that I have gained not forcefully but with actions, by my work. Though it wasn’t an easy task but yes, I have been striving for it and will continue to until this Universe becomes a better place for Humans and Animals to live freely.

I meet people from different walks of life and every individual represents his background, lifestyle and upbringing, not to forget a child upbringing begins at home and that’s the right teachings that goes a long way. Till today, there are still people who encourage their children to hunt animals for fun, there are still sick people who torture animals or even use them for their entertainment. There is already too much horrific incidents happening around us why do we need to increase more hatred and rage amongst us. All you need to do is, take a stand, if you see any child or an adult mistreating an animal then kindly go ahead and stop them. Remember if you would stop them today, tomorrow they would do that and help another animal.

Actions speaks louder than words and we need to speak less and work harder because when we’ll work business only then people would start taking us seriously!

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Be Kind To Those On Land And HE Shall Be Kind To You Always

We are living on a land where Humans are striving for their rights till to date, yet there are some who are always raising their voice for the Voiceless (Animals).

This girl is an animal rescuer, I have come across her various videos where she is seen either rescuing Animals or being a part of Kindness. She doesn’t goes an extra mile for just being Kind, she is simply kind just the way she is for Humans.

If we start raising voice for the voiceless and speak for what is right then we will one day, will have a peaceful place to Live!

Think about it.

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