Rising Temperature Also Affects Our Pets

Over the years the weather has been badly affecting us and our pets, may it be any month of the year. The point raised here is very important for us to make sure that we are taking all the desired care to maintain the temperature of our pet.

Do you know?

Animals of all kinds also suffer heat strokes or can die from extreme snowfall. Yes! The reason it is being emphasized to bring your dogs inside the house in extreme weather, is because their paws can get sore and torn. The skin of their paws can be peeled by the extreme increasing weather in the summers and can catch heat stroke. In order to avoid the weather treating your pet badly, there are certain steps that you should consider.

To Avoid Heat Stroke:

1. Keep your pet hydrated, fresh water should be kept for your pet at all times;

2. If your dog is hairy, don’t shave his hair, Keep him in a cool and dry place indoors;

3. Maintain a balanced diet thrice a day, A blend of all nutrients should be provided.

4. Your pet can feel heat inside house too. So make sure the place you’ve kept your pet is cool enough;

5. Monitor the health of your pet at all times

Precautions in Winters:

It is widely understood by majority of people that if the pet has hair on his body then they won’t feel any cold as their hair is going to protect them from winter’s wind. But- as a matter of fact, dogs do feel cold when outside in snowfall or even on a cool breezy day and this can freeze them to death.So, please! Always remember that your pet has all the basic health issues as you have. Don’t think that Animals can be safe and be on their own- Once A Pet- Always A Pet!

They do feel cold, they do feel heat, they do feel hurt, they do feel happy. They are family and need their two legged with them forever. Don’t leave them in rising temperature or even in a cool breezy day. Bring them in- always!

Hope For Change!

I was reading a blog of my fellow friend and came across a beautiful share of “Are We Good Humans”. For a minute I stopped right there and thought about myself- how well of a kind of a human I am. Well yes, before pointing onto to others or raising a finger on someone will not going to change that person but in fact it would demonstrate the person who you are.

Every single day, each moment I spend thinking that how many blessings we have around us and it is ‘us’ Humans who are not taking care of them. Ever wondered about the beautiful huge trees of different kinds- ever wondered what those trees are for us? Chopping them down or cutting them would only harm our society, animals and humans. The reason of planting trees is for a change in environment, it is a source of good health to us and food and shelter for animals. Global warming has been hitting the equator badly and has been affecting each and every individual’e lifestyle. I came across a report by National Geographic that- the animals who have been extinct are the target caused by massive climate change- the heat temperatures have struck them badly that it has affected the creation of their Hatchlings.

We really have to be focused on our nature. If the environment is healthy then everything is healthy. One shouldn’t neglect the basic foundations of our lifestyle- like oxygen. The clean fresh air is very important for each and every living being. I have started to grow plants in my yard now it is each and every one of us who is responsible for this little positive approach.

We need to teach our children to step forward for this change within their parameters so that the future torch bearers also follow the foot steps of their parents approach.