Saturday Post: Help An Animal If You Spot Them!

Being left alone on the street is not what they want, they are on the streets because someone like us who wanted to go for a Breed over a Local Breed. Which is why the poor animals are increasing in population on a daily basis. This way, nothing else is happening except of merciless killings. In order to avoid such heinous act, it is requested to please help us in rescuing and getting them a forever home. Local breeds are also as good as Breeds, this way you would be helping a soul to be safe atleast.

Watch Here

There are many like these on the streets, just help them. Provide them food and shelter, they also deserve to live.

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Think Before It’s Too Late!

With so many videos that are about rescues and the difficult situation that the animal is in, it’s very saddening to see the negligence by the so-called authorities. It’s so weird that everyone knows that not only Humans, but all the species live on this land rightfully and therefore it is for to taken in account that none of the beings are to be hurt anyhow, even then, I see how the poor dogs or cats babies are stuck in the thin layer of concrete or house built on a sewerage where the puppies were buried alive and the neighbors got to know when they heard cries of the puppies from the ground.

Similarly the video that am sharing is about how a terrible situation it is and it’s literally like moving mountains to save the lives of the animals because we know how it feels to feel helpless and we have been there.

Watch this video and see how difficult are these rescues.

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Friday Quote: You Can Change A Life By Your Kindness

Most of us when we are about to take the step towards helping someone, a thought in our mind always boggle and that is ‘will my help be of any worth, does he really needs it or will it even count?’ this thought runs in each and everyone of us minds and you know, this is the thought which makes us fall back our kindness, if for a second we don’t think about anything except of helping that somebody at that moment, You would be able to change a life for that somebody. I have always seen and have heard from people that whatever good you do to others, whether it is of feeding someone, showing a way, helping financially, or even sharing a smile, the whole nature would bring good to you! this is how universe works and I have witnessed it. The inner satisfaction of happiness makes you feel good and contended that you did lit someone’s day and that feeling is all worth it.

The image above is very well made because this way you would be able to understand that may it be a tiny living being on this planet, even they need help at times. Humans are the utmost supreme being created by the Almighty, yet given the sense of helping someone in need and one shouldn’t fall back while doing good to someone!

So before sleeping, do think what good you did today. Maybe your kindness can change someone’s life 🙂 think about it.

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Alert For Heat Wave!

It is therefore requested to all of you to please place a clean water bowl in your Varenda, Patio, Garden or whatever outer place you’ve got so that the Animals can drink water. If we can feel hot so can they and the risk of having a heat stroke is for all the Mankind.

If you have an indoor pet then make sure to that your pet either has a cooling pad or a cool place where he can sit. Similarly goes for the cat. During the heat, plenty of animals do a lot of panting as for grasping air and as they are feeling damn hot. Please note that not all panting involves around regular breathing, you can read our previous post on Summers and their effects. Even birds as they fly at a higher altitude, the wind blows tends to get cooler but with the passage of temperature and latitude the wind blows gets warmer and warmer as the birds fly a bit low.

Kindly be kind to the animals and remember them in your daily routine. They might not be able to speak but they do say a little prayer for every kindness you offer.

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