Thank You Meow Pets!

Winters are now about to enter the region and it is that time of the season where the animals tend to seek shelter underneath the cars or even inside the engine as it is warmer place for them to hide during this weather.

I would like to thank Meow Pets who have sent me cute Cat houses for my Cats, now they would sleep in a cozy place, and I am sure, the number of Cats that are increasing on daily basis, they would love to sleep inside this spacious Cat house.

If anyone of you is interested, then kindly get in touch with me through our Contact form and we will get back to you.

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Saturday Post: Be Kind To Them

Be kind to every living being out there because they also communicate, they also seek refuge, and they also make a prayer. By being kind to them, we are trying to wash away our sins, so every time you feed an animal, always remember that your LORD is looking you from above and sending you lots of blessings because you are feeding the one who cannot even ask for food for himself.

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Meet Walkie Talkie

This is Walkie Talkie, mother of Nutty who is now a year and a half old, (touch wood). It has been a year and it feels like yesterday when Walkie used to come over for food and relaxing time, until one day, she had babies and then came with them to our house.

It is said like mother-like son. She is very vocal till to date, and her son Nutty is just like her. The moment he sees me through the net main door, he start calling me and keeps calling me until he gets my reply. The best part is that, these Cats have understood my habit of clicking finger and they come from where ever they are, because they know who actually clicked fingers in such a way.

Humans think Animals don’t understand anything, but actually they do, they very well understand what is going around and who is their owner as well as which family feeds them. SO that’s right, Cats are very intelligent and moody, no doubt. People who have dogs, won’t be able to relate to the Cat people as the Cats are highnesses!

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Christmas Is Round The Corner

I just wish that this year may be not the same year as the previous years, where the lives of the Animals went on stake by being a birthday gift or a proposal prop on the Christmas Eve and returned or abandoned the other day.

Every year, we come up with the same topic because, not a single year goes by where the lives of the Animals are not at stake, whether they are gifted as a birthday present, as a graduation gift, wedding proposal or either used as a source of Entertainment. Sadly, the ground reality is that these Animals every since day, they hope for a new day, a new beginning of their life, where they can dream to live at peace, the heart wrenching part is when you feed an animal, and their reaction is all that you need at that time, because one drop of tear that falls from their eye, shows the gratitude and the feeling of being cared. This act speaks volume itself. I wonder, when and how people will understand that the Animals need is Love, care and affection- they can survive with all these things till the end of time.

It is just a matter of fact, that we Humans need to learn and think before we destroy a living being’s life by ill-treating them.

Think about it before you purchase an animal for a specific event, because these are lifetime responsibilities and not a thing to play with for a day. They have emotions, sentiments and feelings and they are feel exactly the same way as the child of a Human. So please, do them a favor and be kind to them, think twice before you go ahead and to just make your Christmas better, don’t think of ruining someone else’s life. Please!

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Picture Worth Thousand Words

Indeed, not every person is just like another. We all have differences, we all have different mindsets but what these Animals know is that the two-legged Humas are the only ones, who hurt them the most. This is true but bitter reality of our lives.

The least that we can do for these Animals is to be kind to them, by either lending a hand of help, or by either feeding them proper food and water on daily basis. The right conduct of the person is determined by the way he is to those who are weak and cannot benefit the other by any means.

As what I think is, the only thing to know about a person is how he deals with the Animals.

Be kind and be gentle.

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