Christmas Is Round The Corner

I just wish that this year may be not the same year as the previous years, where the lives of the Animals went on stake by being a birthday gift or a proposal prop on the Christmas Eve and returned or abandoned the other day.

Every year, we come up with the same topic because, not a single year goes by where the lives of the Animals are not at stake, whether they are gifted as a birthday present, as a graduation gift, wedding proposal or either used as a source of Entertainment. Sadly, the ground reality is that these Animals every since day, they hope for a new day, a new beginning of their life, where they can dream to live at peace, the heart wrenching part is when you feed an animal, and their reaction is all that you need at that time, because one drop of tear that falls from their eye, shows the gratitude and the feeling of being cared. This act speaks volume itself. I wonder, when and how people will understand that the Animals need is Love, care and affection- they can survive with all these things till the end of time.

It is just a matter of fact, that we Humans need to learn and think before we destroy a living being’s life by ill-treating them.

Think about it before you purchase an animal for a specific event, because these are lifetime responsibilities and not a thing to play with for a day. They have emotions, sentiments and feelings and they are feel exactly the same way as the child of a Human. So please, do them a favor and be kind to them, think twice before you go ahead and to just make your Christmas better, don’t think of ruining someone else’s life. Please!

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Picture Worth Thousand Words

Indeed, not every person is just like another. We all have differences, we all have different mindsets but what these Animals know is that the two-legged Humas are the only ones, who hurt them the most. This is true but bitter reality of our lives.

The least that we can do for these Animals is to be kind to them, by either lending a hand of help, or by either feeding them proper food and water on daily basis. The right conduct of the person is determined by the way he is to those who are weak and cannot benefit the other by any means.

As what I think is, the only thing to know about a person is how he deals with the Animals.

Be kind and be gentle.

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Let It Go!

This phrase is from one of the famous Disney Cartoon’s lyric “Let it go”, now I really feel that this three-letter word means the world to me. Let me tell why? because, ever since my Diesel left me, I have been trying to overcome the pain, sorrows and trauma that his death has caused but I haven’t been able to come out of it yet. There are my friends, my colleagues and some random people in my neighborhood, for most of them they do understand the pain one goes through after losing their Pet, then there are some people who actually would not feel sorry neither feel any sentiments for the person who lost their pet. I don’t complain them because it is how the world goes. Until you haven’t kept a pet, you wouldn’t know what affection means, what loving from the core of the heart means. We are loved dearly by our pets, if you have a dog, you shall know it when he wags his tail, if you have a cat, you will know by the slow blink of their eyes.

Animals are so innocent and pure at heart; they fall in love with us ever since they come to our home. The way we treat them, the way he scold them-all what it matters is that they love their Humans. The only thing that hits me hard is, that whenever and whatever the time of the day it is, I still think that Diesel is around. It seems as if I will get mentally ill, but nobody understands the trauma that I am dealing with. The pain is so severe that it still strikes me, I try to control my emotions and understand the fact that everyone has to leave one day sooner or later, this is how the Universe is. I remember someone said that “it is better that our pets leave before us, because later once we are gone, pets the ones who are relocated and not treated with love and care the way we did to them”. This made me contended and hurt at the same time. All I wanted was my Diesel to stay with me, but I guess, his time was near and he knew it. He tried to comfort me already days before his death. I still remember the way he used to sit next to me, press his on my knee while I petted him. That was the time I always used to tell him, that I love you Diesel, and I knew that he understands whatever I say to him. He was such a good boy, such an angel. He was my rock, my pillar because, I stood with me through all the situations that I faced. He was there to cheer me up, I knew he knew it all, he knew my pain, my sorrows and happiness as well, he knew it all.

The only thing that I am not able to coupe up is- his death. The fact that my Diesel has become “was” from “is”. This hits me hard and it hits me too bad.

Nobody would know the pain of losing a pet until you’ve actually owned them, their trust and their love. No one in this world can actually be as loyal to you, as these Dogs are. They are angels and we should respect, care and love them by all our heart because these innocent animals are the ones who take care of us, as we need care the most than they need it from us.

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The Trauma Of Losing A Pet

It is indeed still traumatizing for me to forget my Diesel, because it was the ever lasting bond that we had, the times when he used to make me fall every-time because he always was notorious and this was his game to make people trip while he crossed them in such a speed. Little did I know, that with time, he would age and would leave while making me mourn his death till date. It is unforgettable, it is painful indeed but the fact that he is no more with me, makes me feel disturbed and upset because, at times, I lose my mind and that very moment makes me realize that my mental peace Diesel was my everything. His presence made me calm, he made sure that I was doing okay because he used to come to me, sit next to me, gaze at me with so much love and affection that I used to forget everything that was bothering me and it made me feel so relaxed.

The void in my life ever since Diesel left, cannot be filled because every Pet holds their own space and value, no one can take their place and neither can replace, never. It is time, and only time which makes us believe, gives us patience to deal with the loss that we have to bear for the rest of our lives.

This video that I will share is something, that is close to my heart, and the reason to share here is, to make you feel calm and cherish the moments you had spent with your beloved Pet.

Watch Here

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Sunday Post: 8 Signs Of Cat That You Should Know

Here is all you need to know about a Cat’s expression. Since, we all know that Cats are one of kind of specie who is very different in expressing their feelings and emotions, yet some how, it is now very clear that if these mentioned signs are prominent or witnessed in your Cat, then this is what they are trying to convey to you.

Watch Here

After watching this video, I miss my first rescued Cat, Tiger. He showed all these signs and that was the moment I realized that it is him, who has made me a cat person otherwise, I was only in to dogs because, I felt more bonded with them until I took care of Tiger and then Tiny and her kittens.

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