Are You Entertained Enough?

Yes, I am asking this question to everyone, who are fond of being entertained by various things, and to amuse them, Animals are always targeted.

Do you really think, that the poor animals are brought on this land just to amuse us? I wasn’t too much involved in animals until my parents got me a puppy when I was 15. It was that time, when I made a promise to myself and my pet that, no matter whatever happens, I will always vouch for Animals, not because I was given a pet, but because my parents got a puppy from a foster home and they told my parents that the pup had gone through a tough life. This story really teared me apart as a Kid, I made a promise to myself that I would do anything to save animals from their miseries.

After two decades, I feel so proud of myself that the promise I had made to myself, I have literally come up with it. It is a mission accomplished for me.

I would only urge people to come forward and help the poor animals who are either forced to live in Zoos or made to perform in Circus. It is our responsibility to take up the vision of making our society better and it can only happen if, we take up the matter seriously!

-Think twice before adopting a pet-

Strays Are Dangerous!

It is often said that ‘Stray animals are dangerous and disgusting thing that could ever be witnessed by one’s naked eye’. Really?

I am astonished by people’s weird attitude and approach towards the homeless animals. It isn’t there fault if they attack the passerby’s, the bikers, it is just that they have been through worse, that they fear from Humans and their touch. To be honest, Humans are the horrible monster of the society- who is ultimate responsible for the destruction of the existence of the nature as well as for creating misunderstanding between oneself and above all, crossing the humane ability and turning into a venomous being. It was just yesterday, when a reknowned beautician came across a sudden incident. (Not to forget, he got bitten and attacked by the strays), as an unbiased viewer, I believe, those strays didn’t do anything deliberately, if they attacked, that could be for multiple reasons, as in:

  1. May be they are often hit and run;
  2. May be, the bikers bother them;
  3. There is always an equal and a opposite reaction.

We should not always jump up to conclusions. The trauma the beautician went through and is currently under bed rest, have been a recent victim. But, it is to be concerned, that the strays were protecting themselves and are not harmful to the society by any means.

We should watch our actions and should give space to every living being, to live their life the way they want to. Animals are living beings and deserve the love and affection by all of us. They have the equal right on this land just like we Humans do!

Give love, respect and hate none- make this land a better place to live

When Will They Blame The Humans?

What a beautiful quote I read somewhere and felt the need to share with my followers.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. Martin Buber

All the pet owners can relate to this quote as we witness this daily. It is not necessary to under estimate our furry friends just because they cant speak like us. But on the other hand, they are very well conversant with the gestures and actions they make to communicate with their humans. A person when keeps a pet, gradually he tends to learn the way how to communicate with their pets as the language isn’t a barrier anymore. If our Lord has bestowed us with senses then these animals are also given the art of understanding, communicating in any language on this earth. They are too good with sign language as well. I am sure all the pet owners know about this.

It is just how we treat them. All they need is affection, love and care. But sadly, we often tend to leave them, abandon them or even make a target to our frustrations, even then these beautiful pets don’t harm us. What do you think, they can’t? No! They can’t even think of betraying their human because they know what is loyalty, sincerity and love! Our behavior towards beautiful animals, need to change- we need to change ourselves, our thinking and our approach. They are animals and not a source of entertainment or a toy to play with. They have feelings and a heart- above all, beautification of Nature.

If we can’t take care of them- then we don’t deserve them either! Instead of blaming the animals of their approach to us, it is time for us to think “We own the blame”! The day we begin to care for animals, this world will be a better place to live!

Think about it

Picture Worth Thousand Words

The picture itself states a story of its own. Ever wondered how would it be like, if the Animals hunted Humans?

The pictures above is a story in itself. I really don’t need to make an effort describing the meaning of each of them. For a moment, think how would it be like if a bull targets an arrow through our skin, or a fox hunts a human for his children.

I totally agree with the nature’s process but at the same point, I totally disagree an abusive treatment of a human with an innocent animal. If the poor four-legged has done no harm to you then why to be the pain for him? I don’t understand the mentality of a human. I seriously don’t. As a Human, I feel as if, we are frustrated bunch of morons, who actually love the feel of giving pain to the innocent, who cannot defend himself even. It is not us who are the victim of kindness, in fact, it is the animals who are. They are the real victims of pain, horrific acts, unkindness.

We need to stop acting insane and show mercy for the nature and that includes everything!

Point to wonder and point to share. Please come forward and share your comments.

Climate Change

Once again here with another blog about Climate changing over the globe. Yes- it is again worth reading and emphasizing on taking the right steps to avoid any health issues with your pets.

The Country where I belong, there has been a drastic change in the weather. A month ago, it was pretty pleasant and now it is extremely hot and sunny that it often gets very difficult to step outside for work! For a moment, think about if we can have sun tan and our skin can get bruises due to the scorching heat then what about the animals on the street or even at your home? Wondered about them? Most of you would have, and others might haven’t at all. It is not about how sunny it is or how cold it is, what is more concerning is the fluctuating of your pet’s temperature. Every pet owner should know when their domestic pets are actually actively panting and when they are dull and panting. Most of the people, are not able to identify and within split seconds, the condition of the pet changes. Always remember to keep your pets at a cool place during summer and in winters keep them warm.

Fresh bowl of water should be accessible at all times, and yes, not to forget that the water has to be changed every 3hours, and if you’re unable to change the water then at least, at your earliest change it. The bowl should be washed and cleaned (even the pets don’t like dirty bowls and uncleaned places). I am sure, all pet owners can relate to this!

Guys! You can hit me an e-mail, or comment below for your queries.