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  • Black Cats Myth

    Earlier I remember that I had mentioned about the famous myth of Black Cats that we have been listening since childhood and probably this legacy has been continued that till to-date everyone knows it, some believe on it and some don’t because for them it is only ALLAH who knows it all better. At times […]

  • Black Cats Are Not Bad Luck!

    It is really weird to see that how people according to their less knowledge regarding facts, they claim as if they know everything. Can just someone tell me that who made this Black Cat considered to be a bad luck? How can a Cat bring bad luck? Just by its color how can they differ […]

  • Saturday Post: National Black Cat Day!

    Do you have a black cat? if yes, then share the picture in the comment section or reply with a Yes! Follow us on our Facebook Group

  • Sunday Post: Are You Superstitious?

    Tell me you believe in this so I can laugh out loud. No, it’s pretty okay as growing up I was always told not to cross the road when you witness a black cat crossing by you, you should wait until someone else passes by or either change routes. I have also heard that Black […]

  • Are You Superstitious?

    It is a common myth that the people are superstitious when they witness a black cat that crosses a path, or they by mistake walk under the ladder and etc, there have been many stories that I have been listening to since I was born, really! The point is that these are the colors and […]