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  • Saturday Post: Do We Deserve Majestic Animals In Zoos?

    This image has torn me from the inside, it is literally very saddening to see these beautiful animals are left to die. Picture 1: Look at that Bear, a huge Animal who lives on a land with his family, roams around freely and has access to all the natural habitat, but now he lives in […]

  • An Eye Opening Factor

    Animals are not source of entertainment. They belong to their own habitat and once they are out of their comfort zone they tend to lose their health, appetite and the will power to live life in captivity. Obviously who would want to live in a captivity! One should always think in the same way similarly […]

  • Giraffe As A Pet?

    Giraffe As A Pet?

    Mondays are always stressful as it’s the first day of the week after the weekend and to top it off, I got a notification that a Giraffe has been spotted in my City (Karachi)- Pakistan. Since then- I am just amazed with the Humans thought process! It is time that people should start learn to […]