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  • Walk Down The Memory Lane

    Walk Down The Memory Lane

    It seems like yesterday, when I had a family of beautiful Cats. The father, mother and three little adorable kittens. At first, I wasn’t really sure how to pet the little ones as they were stray and I was totally unaware of the hygiene issue. I started to feed the family- and the best thing…

  • The Guarding Pet

    The Guarding Pet

    It’s the first day of the week with so much to get done with. As usual, before leaving home I said goodbye to my Diesel and Tiger, so that they know that I will be home after couple of hours. (I know- most of the pet parents do talk to their fur babies which people…

  • Kitty And His Tactics

    Kitty And His Tactics

    In the recent days, I have observed something about my kitty. Since, I have had dogs so I am more aware of their characteristics rather than cats, but with time I am learning about a cat characteristics as well and the credit goes to Tiger The Kitty cat. I always knew that the male dog…

  • Tiger The Kitty Obsessed with Dog Food!

    Tiger The Kitty Obsessed with Dog Food!

    I really mean the word “Obsessed” because that’s so true if I say that my kitty is pretty possessive and obsessive at the same time for the dog food. You can spot him hugging the bag, hovering around and licking it throughout the day! Gimme a break- I hope my cat doesn’t intends to show…

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