Walk Down The Memory Lane

It seems like yesterday, when I had a family of beautiful Cats. The father, mother and three little adorable kittens. At first, I wasn’t really sure how to pet the little ones as they were stray and I was totally unaware of the hygiene issue. I started to feed the family- and the best thing was that the mother Cat use to come to me, whenever she use to see me strolling in the garden. She started to trust and gradually, wanted me to meet her children. The little ones use to run away when ever they use to see me walking around in the garden, but it was Tiger the rescued cat who was a bit aggressive to his younger siblings.

Tiger the rescued cat with his beautiful family

Yes- as you all know that I have been carried away with the little kitty’s frolics that I couldn’t resist myself from hovering around him whenever I had a sight of him in my garden. We actually created a bond through the injuries he use to have, and I use to end up giving him first aid as soon as I found out that he has been hit by another cat. Though it is not an easy task for giving aid to strays, since they are not vaccinated and are not even hygienic. But- it didn’t stop me from anything to save the little kitty. It was that day till to date- that Tiger the rescued cat has conquered our hearts and House! 🤣He is so amusing with his frolics that it also irritates my pet dog Diesel. (Let me tell you, my diesel isn’t a cat dog, he doesn’t likes cats at all) it is because he was the only pet in our house to be guarding his humans and the territory.

I am so sure, my Kitty is so attached to me that he doesn’t likes my Diesel being close to me. Does your cat do the same? Share with us.

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The Guarding Pet

It’s the first day of the week with so much to get done with. As usual, before leaving home I said goodbye to my Diesel and Tiger, so that they know that I will be home after couple of hours. (I know- most of the pet parents do talk to their fur babies which people who don’t own pets, can’t relate to but that’s totally okay).

Upon my arrival after sunset, as soon as my car reached at the main gate of the house- I saw a glimpse of “ears” popping up in the sky. Upon keeping my focus on the ears, I suddenly got to see Tiger’s head and there he was spotted sitting in his usual pose.

I couldn’t resist myself to not to click the picture of this little cutie. I am so amazed the way these fur babies turn our tiring day into a happy day, where we forget everything right after they greet us. It is just simply beautiful. The feeling of being loved unconditionally and letting us know that what we mean to them- this feeling is just inexpressible.

It is usually considered for a dog guarding us from any unforeseen incidents but after having cat, I believe I have to admit that they too guard their humans. Before, I had a different opinion but now, my perceptions and assumptions have totally changed and you bet, it is for good! I always say and I have to admit that yes- cats do make a difference in our lives and they are no less than a dog.

-By the way, my Tiger loves to eat Dog Food🤣-

Kitty And His Tactics

In the recent days, I have observed something about my kitty. Since, I have had dogs so I am more aware of their characteristics rather than cats, but with time I am learning about a cat characteristics as well and the credit goes to Tiger The Kitty cat.

I always knew that the male dog marks their territory but I didn’t know that a male cat too marks his territory anywhere he feels like! It was just 2weeks ago that I had noticed a sudden behavior of my cat. He is turning out to be a possessive, obsessive and very territorial about his house, knowing that there is a dog at my place, still he wishes to go to the area of where my Diesel is and makes him run after him and meows as if my dog is going to be friends with him! Actually, I also don’t mind if they both start living together in the same area as what concerns me is that my Kitty tends to make a mess inside my house wherever he feels like. There are cats and dogs who live together and become good friends but in my house, it’s completely opposite. My diesel is not at a cat lover. He simply doesn’t likes any animal in his area. But, how to train the Kitty for that? Tiger still visits his place and keeps meowing at my dog and my diesel keeps barking and shooing it away. It was just couple of days ago, I literally to save Tiger’s life since he was on the ground as he noticed that my dog is sleeping. As soon as I reached near-my cat meowed and rest you can imagine what can be next! It was such a difficult task of not letting my dog get near my cat.

You all know that we really have to put efforts on bringing different animals together and live at peace. Despite of me struggling with creating a fair bonding of my rescue and pet, it seems I am going to be Villain for my diesel-Lol.

Tiger The Kitty Obsessed with Dog Food!

I really mean the word “Obsessed” because that’s so true if I say that my kitty is pretty possessive and obsessive at the same time for the dog food. You can spot him hugging the bag, hovering around and licking it throughout the day! Gimme a break- I hope my cat doesn’t intends to show sign of dog’s attributes.

My Tiger has gone off limits protecting his so-called dog food if I go near it. Knowing that I am the whole soul person to be feeding him and my baby diesel but he get’s so over possessive that he starts ‘meowing’ as if trying to ask that what am I doing with the food. He literally follows me from room to room to see what is in my hand and if my hand has a bowl of dog food then that needs a good “sniffing” by the little kitty- who is not so little anymore☺️

How many of you can relate to this kind of Cat’s behavior to their dog friends? I am seeking for some interesting feedbacks. Hit me back and let me know!