Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have been getting many queries and suggestions that FAQ’s should be added in our post so here it is. We would begin with the most common question by our readers and Pet Parents who wish to know whether it is safe to leave their children alone with their Pet Dogs. Every week we will share the Questions that is asked frequently by either Pet Parents or those people who are willing to have a Pet at their home.

Q. I was asked to give a bit of clearance when we say ‘Parental Guidance For Children’. It is always advised to not to leave children unattended, they should always be accompanied by either Parents or other elders of the family, but despite of promoting so-many on-going cases and horror stories, it still stuns me that how Parents leave their children alone or send them out in the park without any elder to take care of them.

Parental Guidance is always needed specially when we are discussing about Pets and Children. This is always advised to not to leave children alone with their furry friend, not because the Pet will attack but because you never know what unforseen situation comes infront of you. We have been getting cases where the child and a pet dog was left alone in the room. When the mother of the 2 year old returns back, she sees a pretty disturbing scenario and that was, the poor dog’s skin was being held by the 2-year old kid! Yeah, we don’t have a footage in order to make you understand the situation but all you need to know is that the child didn’t know what he was doing and whether he was hurting the dog or not as he didn’t know. But the mother later told us that the dog was whining in definite pain and he had held the dog’s skin so tightly. God Forbid, anything could have happened and the mother wouldn’t have known and neither the poor innocent soul can complain. Who would vouch for them because most of the time it is the poor animal who is being beaten or punished by his Owners.

Therefore, it is always said to please keep an eye on your child whether he is around Pets or somewhere on a walk, because you wouldn’t want your child being scolded by the people on the street for their conduct with the street Animal.

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Sunday Post: My Belief

I do believe that Animals have the ability of making a Human into a better person. It is the love and affection that the poor soul gives us unconditionally. It is ironic that Humans have in no way the respect for Animals. Out of 30% of people who are literally struggling very hard, helping the animals, rescuing them giving them first aid, taking them to vets. How many out there are really bothered about them? None!

Nowadays, it is very much visible that people have started to step up and come forward in order to safe a life of an Animal or even to rescue the poor souls, who is covering their expenses? No one, they do it out of their own pocket, even the children from schools have been spotted taking care of a stray kitten that they found in their way while heading home. We need to develop such a bonding with our children that they understand and value the lives of an Animal. We need to take care of a lot of understandings.

– Spend time with children try to understand their thoughts and perception;

– Tell them that Animals are not toys to play with;

– Living beings of any sort matters and their life is as precious as ours;

– Our religion even teaches us to be kind to Animals, teach them the right conduct and how to approach the Animal with affection.

Parents need to spend time with their children during this pandemic, too much to television needs to be shut, too much use of technology isn’t good for either brain or senses. If you want your child to be a better Human then you need to work hard on them!

It is you who would be responsible for their every evil act.

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Teach Your Children Love And Affection

It is not really difficult to explain children what is kindness. Just tell them to follow 3 steps rest they would follow.

Here they are:

1- Always tell them to be kind and gentle with Animals;

2- Tell them or show them how to place a clean bowl of water outside your house;

3- Tell them to not to force their friendship on Animals;

4- Tell them that little act of affection will make them healthy and happy.

If you have an animal and if you feel that you have created such a bond with your pet, then you know what, you are Blessed! It’s not easy to win heart of an Animal because Humans have not left any bit of mercy that Animals can really relate to. All that you can do is, be kind to them.

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Sunday Post: Children And Their Conduct With Animals

There was a time when Parents were involved with their children and use to make sure that their child is getting the right teaching from his Parents and School. Since couple of years, it has been pretty clear that as life has been becoming fast and hard, the more the parents are being least interested in the habits, interests and studies of their children which is worry some.

Children spend most of their time at home and since during Pandemic, they are getting their teachings at home only, despite of this, Parents are not really spending quality time with them, why? It is really saddening to see when their child is not having the right behaviour towards his fellow friends or even with the Animals. If Parents are not going to teach them the basic ethics then who will? Not a single day pass without a child not being able to understand the fact of ‘Kindness’. Last night, a girl child came running to me and asked me about my Cat (the same white cat Snowy, who use to follow me around in the neighbourhood), she wanted to know where was the cat, I somehow didn’t mention to her that where she was all I replied her “she must be here and there”. That girl ran back to her parents and as I continued my walk, what I see next is that the same girl running like crazy after another cat, scaring her to death, to which that Cat his right behind the trash can so the girl cannot harm her. As soon as I saw the sight, I went up to her and told her that by this dumb act of hers, the Cat won’t be her friend anymore and the next time she would see a Human, she would scare him just as you did.

It is so weird that even the Parents were present they didn’t stop her and told her that, it’s not the right approach to an Animal to just be friends. What is happening to the Parents? Are they even thinking where are there children going to be in the next ten years!!! People should start taking Parenting seriously, children need to learn ethics, respect, moral and values. Without these basic teachings, our Country would be doomed in the coming years!

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