Christmas Is Round The Corner

I just wish that this year may be not the same year as the previous years, where the lives of the Animals went on stake by being a birthday gift or a proposal prop on the Christmas Eve and returned or abandoned the other day.

Every year, we come up with the same topic because, not a single year goes by where the lives of the Animals are not at stake, whether they are gifted as a birthday present, as a graduation gift, wedding proposal or either used as a source of Entertainment. Sadly, the ground reality is that these Animals every since day, they hope for a new day, a new beginning of their life, where they can dream to live at peace, the heart wrenching part is when you feed an animal, and their reaction is all that you need at that time, because one drop of tear that falls from their eye, shows the gratitude and the feeling of being cared. This act speaks volume itself. I wonder, when and how people will understand that the Animals need is Love, care and affection- they can survive with all these things till the end of time.

It is just a matter of fact, that we Humans need to learn and think before we destroy a living being’s life by ill-treating them.

Think about it before you purchase an animal for a specific event, because these are lifetime responsibilities and not a thing to play with for a day. They have emotions, sentiments and feelings and they are feel exactly the same way as the child of a Human. So please, do them a favor and be kind to them, think twice before you go ahead and to just make your Christmas better, don’t think of ruining someone else’s life. Please!

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Christmas Gift Anyone?

Finally Christmas is coming! So many celebration invites have already started pouring in. How do you plan to celebrate it?

One of my friend came up with an idea of how she would be planning her Christmas party at her place and I didn’t believe my ears, when I heard her saying that ‘she would be celebrating the occasion with the animals at the shelter’! I was left ecstatic. For a moment I was like- she is not fond of animals that much, as in, she is scared of a Cat! So a dog is a BIG NO for her.. then, this statement of hers is just so amazing. I really love the fact that at least someone made an effort to think about the Animals happiness too, they also have feelings , emotions and sentiments. One should always think out of the box! The breaking of stereotype is very important!

When pet owners can celebrate their pets birthdays then why not celebrate the event with them at the Shelter Home!! I can’t wait to visit the shelter home with my friend and make all the animals happy but letting them enjoy their favorite toy and meals.

Christmas is all about spreading happiness and the more joy we bring in any living being lives, our Lord shall bless us with more blessings!!

Spread love and remember pets are family and not a toy to be gifted on a Christmas.

What Would You Buy For Christmas?

Christmas is coming! Every where the bells will be ringing, children will be excited for the gifts to arrive and adults whereas, busy settling with their decorations and dinner preparations.

What a sight would it be! Happiness all over being celebrated with family and loved ones. Most of the people look forward for the surprises and gifts. Who doesn’t loves gifts, after all!

What are you going to buy for Christmas this year? This time make a change in gifting a gift to someone. Animals are not to be gifted on Christmas, you know why? Because, they are living being and have feelings just like us. We often tend to buy a puppy for our children and as soon as the time passes by, we end up giving away the puppy because, we won’t be able to keep him with us forever! It was a gift. What do we do next? Abandon the pet- the pet whom we thought about getting him for our children over the auspicious Occassion. Do you think so, that thoughts, the decision was worth it when you actually stepped at the Pet Store aiming to adopt a Pet that time? No, simply it wasn’t the right decision to adopt an abandon pet, who is already going through a trauma of losing his previous owner and now you will burden that poor four-legged into another devastating trauma of losing his second owner after couple of days! Is this what would state Happiness?

Money can’t buy happiness! Always remember that. We need to prioritize ourselves, our actions as we have little children with us, who are still in the learning years of their lives. What they will learn from us, is what they would opt when they grow up as an adult. It is us, the elders, who are suppose to set an example for our children to make wise decisions in life.

This Christmas! If you adopt a Pet, make sure you keep them with you. If you need to complete a home or add happiness in your child’s life then, the Animals also deserve some happiness, don’t abandon them after adopting. They have heart and soul which beats with every loving action of his master!

Be a lending hand to someone in need- no matter even if it an animal. I swear, the feeling of being loved by your pet would leave you ecstatic!

*Adopt Don’t Shop- This Christmas*