Tag: Covid

  • You Got Flu? This Is What You Need To Do

    Novel-Coronavirus has been round the corner for about 2 years now. We have fought it by the grace of Almighty, we are still going through it and are taking precautions as been told by our Health Authorities. When we talk about Flu or cough, it generally means Allergy. This mainly happens when there is seasonal…

  • Sunday Post: On A Lighter Note

    LockDown due to covid has been on the rise and has taken then world on a roller coaster ride!! Who knew these types of meme would also become a part of our lives! Follow us on FaceBook Group: @henablogforpaws

  • Please Take Care Of Your Pets During Covid-19

    Covid-19 is not done and it is very much alive. All you have to do is stay safe and be far away from your pets if you feel that you are at risk of falling sick. If you have the following symptoms then please consult your Doctor and part ways from Pets: 1- If you…

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