The Trauma Of Losing A Pet

It is indeed still traumatizing for me to forget my Diesel, because it was the ever lasting bond that we had, the times when he used to make me fall every-time because he always was notorious and this was his game to make people trip while he crossed them in such a speed. Little did I know, that with time, he would age and would leave while making me mourn his death till date. It is unforgettable, it is painful indeed but the fact that he is no more with me, makes me feel disturbed and upset because, at times, I lose my mind and that very moment makes me realize that my mental peace Diesel was my everything. His presence made me calm, he made sure that I was doing okay because he used to come to me, sit next to me, gaze at me with so much love and affection that I used to forget everything that was bothering me and it made me feel so relaxed.

The void in my life ever since Diesel left, cannot be filled because every Pet holds their own space and value, no one can take their place and neither can replace, never. It is time, and only time which makes us believe, gives us patience to deal with the loss that we have to bear for the rest of our lives.

This video that I will share is something, that is close to my heart, and the reason to share here is, to make you feel calm and cherish the moments you had spent with your beloved Pet.

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Saturday Post: Have You Lost Your Pet?

Most people would look up to us as if why are we wasting our tears over our pet’s death, they are not insensitive they have no idea, what does it feels to lose you beloved pet before you eyes. The pain and agony that the pet owner goes through nobody can guess it because it is only felt by those who either have been through that phase or have had pet.

The pain of losing your loved one is as distressful as losing your family member, animals once kept as pet becomes our family and not a part of our family. We should give the same respect and love to our pet, just the way they give to us because for them we are their whole world and they look up to us with eyes full of love, affection, care and trust. They trust us with themselves because they know that no matter whatever happens their human would never let anything go wrong with them. We should always take care of them when they are around us because once they are gone, they are missed dearly and to overcome their death is one of the difficult phase of all. As a kid I had always thought that Animals won’t die, like I remember when I lost my Sandy ( my very first dog), she was 12 years old when she was showing signs of illness, blindness and lastly non-stoppable seizures which lead to her death. That time, that night was so heavy on all of the family members, it wasn’t passing and we as siblings weren’t able to come out of the death of Sandy, it took a toll of us that we couldn’t even concentrate on school and tests that our Parents had to take special off from school as we weren’t performing well.

I would only request you to never make fun of someone who has lost a pet, because you never know how well they were bonded and how much difficult it would be for that person to get over his pet’s death. Always respect feelings and give space, as our Pets taught the same compassion to their Human Parents.

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Over 200 Dead Dolphins Found From Louisiana To Florida!

It is under investigation that there have been more than 200 dead dolphins found from Louisiana to Florida and that’s the unusual number says the sources NOAA.

Total number of 261 bottlenose dolphins were found stranded floating over the Louisiana to Florida Panhandle. Authorities discovered the dolphins from February 1 and May 3. Majority of them 98% were dead according to the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration. Because of the dolphins deaths and the strandings, the agency declared as unusual mortality event. The investigation is still on to find out the cause of sudden deaths of the Dolphins. It includes everything, including freshwater spilling into the Gulf from the wet winter, food supply and possible lingering impacts from the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.

How Would You Feel?

It’s a lifetime responsibility of owning Animals as pets and those who fulfil this responsibility with passion and compassionately it is them that know how does it feels to lose a loved one.

Some say that one should have animals as an entertainment or something to keep yourself busy with. In other words (productive work), well it ironic that how can some of these weird people call a living being “entertainer”. These people are found everywhere and if not around us then just look in your own collar and find “in yourself“. Yes YOU, all those who visit Zoos, Circus, Sea World, taking rides on Elephants just to keep your child happy, have you ever wondered what it truly feels to have someone sit on your back and hit you with hard stick if you’re unable to walk! Or what if you’re kept in a dark room, completely isolated-have you ever wondered how would it feel? Also, if you are getting old and your children leave you at an Old Age House and you keep on waiting until the end of time, How Would You Feel?

I have been there and I am sure many of you who own pets or have been in love with Animals then you must have known, how does it feels to lose someone who took your heart and soul quietly and calmly.

Give Pets The Love They Need, After All They Are Family Too!