Sunday Post: Have A Dog They Said, It’ll Be A Lifetime Experience

I do agree to this statement of Having a dog does makes a difference, now that I have a quite a handful. It wouldn’t be a lie if I say that when I look at my pet dog, my mood changes from worse to best, my anger controls down, my mumbling decreases and I start talking to my dog and he listens to me patiently and responds me back with lots of wagging of his tail, hugs and licks. All his cute frolics turn into laughter and in the end, it brings a big smile on my face. The only thing that keeps me going is my Dog. I love him and I know he loves me too.

Well yes! When I am not feeling well and when I am a bit low or being in an abnormal state of mind, I know my dog is going to make me feel better by him being around me. Actually, I cannot think of falling ill because I know, these little puppers and my doggies are not going to let me be on the bed for long. Lol! They know that I am the only one around who even knows about how many times they breathe…

They said to me, have a dog as it will be a lifetime experience and here I am with Dogs and their puppies and Cats that I rescued :). Life has surely changed.

If you have pets, then you surely know what I am referring about.

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Kitty And His Tactics

In the recent days, I have observed something about my kitty. Since, I have had dogs so I am more aware of their characteristics rather than cats, but with time I am learning about a cat characteristics as well and the credit goes to Tiger The Kitty cat.

I always knew that the male dog marks their territory but I didn’t know that a male cat too marks his territory anywhere he feels like! It was just 2weeks ago that I had noticed a sudden behavior of my cat. He is turning out to be a possessive, obsessive and very territorial about his house, knowing that there is a dog at my place, still he wishes to go to the area of where my Diesel is and makes him run after him and meows as if my dog is going to be friends with him! Actually, I also don’t mind if they both start living together in the same area as what concerns me is that my Kitty tends to make a mess inside my house wherever he feels like. There are cats and dogs who live together and become good friends but in my house, it’s completely opposite. My diesel is not at a cat lover. He simply doesn’t likes any animal in his area. But, how to train the Kitty for that? Tiger still visits his place and keeps meowing at my dog and my diesel keeps barking and shooing it away. It was just couple of days ago, I literally to save Tiger’s life since he was on the ground as he noticed that my dog is sleeping. As soon as I reached near-my cat meowed and rest you can imagine what can be next! It was such a difficult task of not letting my dog get near my cat.

You all know that we really have to put efforts on bringing different animals together and live at peace. Despite of me struggling with creating a fair bonding of my rescue and pet, it seems I am going to be Villain for my diesel-Lol.

Cats V/s Dogs Behavior

It is often considered that animals are speechless, but to my consideration they are very well verse with the communication medium they use. Who said that they can’t understand human language or actions that we opt to communicate to them. It is a known fact that animals tend to grasp the medium and understand the language despite of language barriers☺️I often praise the mother nature when I see the communication between two beings.

My house is basically dominated by dogs until one day I had rescued a kitty. My dog is very aggressive and possessive about his territory and owner. He cannot afford an intrusion of any other animal in the house. Yes! It does gets big trouble for us because I cannot see any animal being hurt either by humans or by their own neighborhood enemies. But, Like it’s said we cannot really remain at ease when cats and dogs are together under one roof. The image I shared above is a complete statement of how my dog feels about the cat being in the house and moving freely. But I can’t also let the cat wander out on the street as there are many predators out to kill the kitty.

They always keep me amused by their cute frolics☺️

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