Heartbreaking Rescue Of A Dog In Frozen River

Every rescue is difficult and each one of it seems as if it is impossible to conduct such a case but when there is a will there is a way.

The rescue video I am about to share is heart breaking because the thought of losing a pet for more than 2 weeks is painful itself and then to find out that it was in the frozen river water for such a long time, it is more painful to hear. The thought literally sends shiver to the spine and it really becomes difficult to digest the fact that your beloved pet was in such a condition.

Watch Here

Kindly keep your pets safe and around you, keep an eye on them.

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Saturday Post: Hit And Run

Always keep in mind that whenever you’re driving just make sure that you don’t hurt anyone with by reckless driving as it can be dangerous for you and the one you hit.

In most of the cases, it’s the animals who are hurt the most and left to die on the very spot, only few intervene and get them treated somehow. Some are lucky and some are unfortunate actually. If you somehow come across an injured animal then do rush for help because you never know, what ease would come to you in your life. Click Here to know.

Together we can and we will make this society better.

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Does Your Dog Shows Any Of These Signs?

This is a chart below for you to understand the factor of if your Dog is facing any of these.

It’s alright if your Dog is facing any of the above issue. If you feel that you have found these symptoms then give a call to your nearest Vet.

Always understand the fact, that your Dog understands everything before you, whether it’s about your health, your loss in life or even your happiness. They have been God Gifted, it is also alright to talk to them to let them know that they have your back!

Trust me when I say that the Dogs are the loyal friends you can ever have!!

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Saturday Post: Adoption Alert

Adoption Alert here once again, just as I was about to step outside my main gate, my eyes caught a sight of a very friendly female dog who was wagging her tail as there is no end, and the way she was so calm and kept sitting her place showed the sign that she trusts humans. One thought came to my mind was that if she is friendly and her tail is vigorously wagging it means that she trusts humans and that’s why she is sitting in the middle of the road without any fear.

For those who are interested in getting her adopted then get in touch with me through Contact Form.

The location is Karachi.

Stay tuned for all the updates on this lil pup.

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