Sunday Post: Monsoon Rains To Hit The Metropolis

It was just a week ago that The Metropolis faced the first spell of monsoon rain and despite of alarming situations by the MET and Weather Report Office, no one did anything for the public to suffer, except that many incidents took place. Which of-course was to happen as the number of accidents that occurred due to the unnecessary constructions happening on the middle of the intersection of the busy roads. It was also witnessed that many of the Animals which were tied by the poles were electrocuted despite of again, informing them that these animals would die if they are tied, yet none of the people heard the plea of the Animals, which is so ridiculous!

My question to all of you is, why does it gets so difficult to understand that if it rains, even the electric poles would get wet, the house walls, the door bells, that’s why it is always said that no to touch the walls or door bell if they are wet, then how do people have guts to tie a living being to a pole which would kill the poor animal if striked! I feel so helpless that I don’t want what to do, people don’t want to listen and neither would want anyone else to do it. These rains turn out an issue specially in Karachi because there is no proper sanitation till yet, even after the horrible rains in Karachi which happened in the year 2020. That was the time, when literally Karachi was using boats to safe people! The poor animals were abandoned, died, crushed or electrocuted just because of the negligence of the people. Some people left their homes without their pets, because they didn’t know what to do with them, and then the poor animals were rescued later onto which some of them survived and some of them died while staying in water since long.

It is high time that we all should take up the responsibility of teaching empathy to people towards Animals as it is the need of the hour!

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Saturday Post: Eid-ul-Adha

A very Happy Happy Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak to every reader. Though there are many readers here who wouldn’t know what is this event, well then let me tell you that this is Sacrificial Eid, a festivity that we perform in the name of Lord. It has a religious background and it shall be provided only if any of the reader would contact me personally.

I pray on this day that may our sacrifices be accepted by our Lord and may we become the lucky one to be passed from the thin line on the Day of Judgement. Amen.

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Eid-Ul-Adha Is Round The Corner Yet No Precautionary Measures Are Being Taken

Despite of several alarming situations, incidents, yet the Government is not giving an ear to any of it, so many poor innocent animals have been a victim of horrible incidents where they died due to the lifting of the Animal through Crane and without proper planning and attempt of lifting the animal. Last year, we had shared the same concern and thank goodness it was considered but this year, it’s happening again but no one is looking any concerned as these Animals don’t deserve to live!

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When we talk about caring, we talk about taking in consideration to every living being on this planet, whether it is a tree, plant, animal or anything, this is what our religion teaches us. We have to show empathy towards every detail which we are capable of understanding. My question is, why do people take in huge animals when they cannot actually take proper care and they cannot take the responsibility of the Animal properly. In anger, I am writing this article because, it is so unbelievable that even in the name of Religion we are cheating our LORD, by showing off, by crying over their own negligence, all the people who buy sacrificial animal actually worry about what others would think about their animal that how much expensive have they bought, without even realizing that the real sacrifice is to keep an animal by their child hood and raise them with utmost love and affection and then to sacrifice in the name of Lord, that is the real meaning of sacrifice. It is saddening that we live in a world of hypocrites! We have lost everything, we have even sold ourselves and our conduct and our morals just for the sake of “what people will think”. If half of the nation, stops worrying about this, and actually start working on what can be done in order to make their living better would actually bring peace to them, but, who wants that-No One! In these wordly affairs it’s the Animals who suffer the most, yes, Animals. During these religious festival, Eid-ul-Adha, we see the most unprofessional behavior, conduct and ofcourse the people of our country of not being affectionate towards Animals. They treat the poor animal miserably that the animal gets worried, their eyes speak! Have you seen their eyes, they talk, they complain, they worry, all you need is EYES!! where are those eyes? Why can’t no one see their pain? Is it that difficult?

I just pray that may this world be a better place where Humans can learn to co-exist with Animals.

Raise your voice for cruelty, if you see an animal abuser step up, play your part because you never know what can that one step mean to that animal in need! Think about it.

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