Pets Are Family Forever!

It is very important to understand the fact that the Animals that we bring at home are our family, not a source of entertainment. It is very essential to differentiate between getting a pet as a responsibility and to consider them as a liability. It is weird when I hear people not caring for their pets just the way they do for themselves.

Whether the weather drops or increases, the pets should have their own space in which they can easily roam around and do their business at ease rather than staying in chains forever until the end of time. Why would you make their life more difficult by giving them this life where they can’t even breathe by their own wish.

Think about it.

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Treat Animals With Love And Care

It is very important to be kind to everyone around you because this is the least that we can do to mankind. There is already so much of hatred and fear that we cannot afford any more troubles in our life, isn’t it?

First we faced pandemic, then outbreak of the covid variants now what’s next Ukraine vs Russia war, we were putting ourselves, our lives back together that now we are looking at a Real War happening in Ukraine… this is called insanity. When Humans think that they have the ability to control the less powerful one, makes the most biggest mistake because with the innocent is the Lord and HE knows what is the best of the best answer of that moment. Similarly, if you hurt an animal today knowingly then be prepared for karma as when it comes, it comes back right at you.

Animals are the most sweetest living beings. Looking at this picture, don’t you think that this poor dog is feeling sad. Animals are to run free, hunt whatever they want to, do whatever they like. This is their trait and all you need to do is help them is controlling themselves righteously. All this can happen due to proper training, and we shall share that article to you in the coming week.

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Little Did You Know!

It is very important to understand the fact that once you have a pet at home, he will be your lifetime priority. There are few lessons that you need to understand the ground reality for, as there would be no If’s and and But’s again.

First of all:

1– It is always better to have an Adopted Pet rather than buying one. Adopted animals are as lovely as any breed, all their love and affection and protection is same too, just think about them on the long run;

2– With each passing day, your puppy will turn into a big dog too, so don’t forget that your responsibility will increase with age and time;

3- As soon as the pup turns into a an Adult dog, then don’t forget to get him either fixed or plan for a mate- it’s mostly recommended to get him fixed as we don’t want more puppies and dogs to end up in shelter home;

4– Always teach empathy to children and that would be possible in the manner you train your Dog. Children always learn what they see at home so all your words and actions are being closely watched by your child;

5– Be Kind and have Patience. Dog training needs patience and time. Yes it depends on the breed as well but, it’s not difficult. Teaching at the right time makes it way easy.

6– Bring a Pet at home only when you’re READY to take the responsibility for a lifetime as it would be very unfair and unkind for the Animal to go through a lot of misery;

7– Dogs are man’s best friend, believe me when I say it because I have been there. Have an experience of 20 + years. Trust me!

Keeping in point all what is mentioned above, would make you think twice before you have a Pet at home. Hoping these points would help you out in deciding and if you wish to consult me on anything regarding pets then do write to me. I read all the emails and comments.

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Picture Worth Thousand Words

We all know that Kaavan needs to bond in his herd and in his new habitat. His bonding with Dr. Amir has been so intense that somewhere in his heart you can see his eyes searching for Dr. Amir.

Dr. Amir is known as the ‘War Vet’ why, because he use to visit war torn countries and risks his life to rescue animals who have been abandoned. Even though he was on a mission yet he use to call and ask regarding the progress of Kaavan. Dr. Amir has rescued tigers and relocated lions from Aleppo Zoo in Syria. Dr. Amir always said that “the only animal he has allowed himself to bond in all these years is Kaavan, but love is about letting it go”.
We wish the best for Kaavan to own the new family and start living his life which he has always deserved.
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