Feed The Strays

It’s been a week that I am trying to feed the strays as I feel that this is a little act of kindness that we all can do in order to make this society a better place to live. It is an irony that the person who does good, is being mocked, hurt, emotionally dragged just because they care for the lives of the Animals, because those animals who wander on streets are also deserving enough for food to live.

It does gets really disturbing that I really feel to walk up to those people and ask, what is bothering them, why are they mocking others if they are doing good. This is something which makes me think twice that we humans have literally lost some sense of living, this is the reason that without even thinking twice, I try to go daily and feed the strays in my community. This is the least that as a person I can do, I pour them dry dog food until their bowl is full and give fresh water as well daily. This is my habit and I do it, because it makes my gut satisfied that today I have had these animals well fed. If I can’t provide them shelter then at least I can make their worry less for food, they wouldn’t have to hunt, at least they would be able to eat proper once a time if not twice. I do have certain limitations, but even in that I try to make the most of it, I don’t let any animal go un fed if they turn up on my kitchen’s window sill, I make it a point to give them fresh food and water, practicing it since a long time now that the birds know, that I am the only one who would come to them for feeding them with their favorite meal.

All I would say is do good, be good and never think twice to help someone, you never know how difficult their life is until you live theirs for once!

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Feeding The Strays With Love

Where there are people who are after the lives of stray animals, there are also such nice and kind people who without asking for any help from others, they step up and help and feed the strays by themselves.

If this world becomes a better place to live, then am sure all the animals and Humans can live together at peace. People have lost their values and their ethics, they have forgotten their purpose of being Superior to the rest of the lot. They think that just because they are superior to all the lot, they can decide who deserves to live or die. What a shame on humans. It’s something to feel sorry for, this wasn’t the purpose of us becoming Human, this wasn’t what we were to do on this land. We have become so immoral and have lost faith in ourselves that we do not even understand that whether our actions are even justified!

I feel proud of myself that I feed around as many cats in my neighbourhood, not because I want people to talk about me but because this is what I feel the purpose of me Human Being means. I feel that these Animals are brought on this land for us and if we won’t take care of them then on the day of Judgment, we shall be held accountable for every action that we did and did not. What I think is, If I can do it so can you.

Why do we want to end up fighting with each other on what is wrong and what is right. Why can’t we just be Humans!

Feed The Strays

By the grace of Almighty, I feel so proud of myself that I feed the strays as much as possible.

The cats that you see in the image, the one sitting on the window sill is Snowy and the one sitting on the wall is another new stray who visits me often for food. The jealousy factor is between snowy and the other cats as she feels insecure that the other cats might get close to me.

It is a blessing that I have this soft corner for these animals, this is nothing less than showing mercy on those who cannot help us back but would pray for us instead.

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If You Can’t Feed Them Atleast Don’t Hit Them

The basic ruthless act that I have always witnessed that whenever you dine out on the seats placed at the road side restaurants, these stray cats often visit because they are hungry and need food. What do you do next, if you have a cat sitting infront of you asking for you?

This is what you do! You kick them, without thinking that since how long this poor soul hasn’t eaten, she might be having babies, she might be starving. Your one bite would give her another day to survive.

Please be generous, atleast to animals, if you are eating anything and if you have a leftover then give it to the strays, that’s their daily survival meal. It really makes a difference in their lives and in their children lives.

Have a heart and feed a stray. A little act of kindness will make you a better person day by day.

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Sunday Post: Feed One, Rest To Follow!

So I have been feeding couple of stray cats now. In the beginning it was just one and then I guess she announced it outside that I feed cats!! Because, it seems that she has been telling all the cats in the neighbourhood, that’s why these cats keep coming.

(He watches me from over the wall when I am filling their food bowl and water bowl)

(Snowy, she watches me from the right opposite house’s wall to check if I am bringing my dog outside)

My goodness, it is a such drill for me. I have to keep an eye on the cats and shoo them away once my dog has to go out in the garden.

Does it happens to you?

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