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  • Purpose Of Animals In Our Society

    Purpose Of Animals In Our Society

    It is okay to understand the mentality of our masses who think that stray dogs and cats are a menace to their lives. At times, these stray dogs end up biting Humans and it’s a threat to have them around. For cats, they say that they keep on entering the homes of the people and…

  • Friday Post: Act Of Kindness Takes A Long Way

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  • Friday Post: FOUR PAWS International Saves Thousands of Lives

    Indeed it is a blessing to be blessed with the thought of working for the cause of the Animals, to raise awareness and to speak for their Rights as they are the ones who are often taken for granted and left alone to survive on their own, which is totally wrong. The team of Four…

  • Friday Post: Be Kind To The Animals

    Friday Post: Be Kind To The Animals

    It is said “The best person amongst you is the one, who shows kindness and mercy on the Animals and it is that person who has a kind heart for all the living beings“. I am totally devasted to see such negligence from the higher authorities of the Karachi Zoo, with such little knowledge and…

  • Friday Post

    Friday Post

    If only you could understand the pain in the eyes of the Animal, then probably you would do anything to save the poor soul from the agony and endless misery that it goes through. Indeed, it is the Humans who are the worst being on this land as we haven’t ever been kind to any…

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