Friday Post: Cats And Their Myth

Sometimes, it is overwhelming to see that how animals act much smarter and clever than Humans. They teach us things in so many ways that we cannot even imagine that how did they do that! I remember the time when my rescued Cat for the first time actually gave birth to kittens in my room, yes you read that right, she gave birth in my room and there I had to arrange all the stuff for her in order to keep herself safe and sound, but who knew that this mother cat had other plans. I had heard about that Cats usually switch places seven times, I don’t know the reason behind this but this was the first time that I had ever witnessed, my Cat Tiny (I named her because she was so damn skinny when she showed up in my garden), chose to switch places seven times within my room and like it was a playground for all the kittens, they scratched my carpet, hung up on the curtains and played as if it was a merry go round, then they wanted to get into the cupboard. They easily stayed in my room for around 2-3 weeks. I realized that it is very difficult to see that how the kittens don’t really survive in cold weather. One of the kitten couldn’t survive, she was the last one in the line and was so tiny and skinny, I did everything to save her but it was like Tiny didn’t know what to do with the baby as she was really not interested, I think, the Animals tend to figure out that how much or well their babies can survive. Otherwise, there wasn’t any reason for the mother cat to ignore.

A question to all the Cat parents out there, how many of you have witnessed such behavior of your Cats where they seem to be clueless or careless with their offspring, I need to know as I witnessed this for the first time.

Looking for answers in the comment section.

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Life Of A Stray Animal Is Not Easy

With each passing day, a new story, a new cover, a new accident or an incident comes to our attention but some of them really break us apart. With so much of negativities around, with heart felt stories here comes a situation where a stray dog gets attracted to an animal shelter as the barks of dogs in the nearby shelter made her feel connected and wanted to reach to them as she was pregnant, but due to so much of walking and searching around for the shelter made her tired and exhausted that she (stray dog) found a place where she could stay for the night. The moment she started crying, the rescuers nearby her could not stand the painful noise and went out in search of her.

Watch Here

Majority of the dogs do end up with rescuers or shelters but most of them are ended on streets and hence they lose their lives and no one ever gets to know about them.

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Friday Post: Did You Know?

Everyone is blessed with knowledge but not necessary that everyone knows everything that happens around us. Nature has blessed us with so much that we cannot even thank our Lord for that because there is so much infact a lot to thank HIM for. Simply take a look at the animals, the way they show empathy towards other species at the time of need, the way they communicate, I see GOD in everywhere, I really don’t have to think about it. HE is everywhere I SEE!

Everything that my gaze stops at I say to myself “To which favors of your Lord would you deny”. SubhanAllah (All Praises To Almighty)

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