The Rising Temperature

The temperature is the major cause for the fluctuating attributes in the animals. Therefore, it is a must act to keep a check on your pets at all times. Being situated in the South Asia, in the Country Pakistan where the sudden changes in the weather has caused health issues to humans and animals at the same time.

It is very much pressurized to the pet parents that, no matter whichever or however the situation is, always keep a certain check on your pet in order to provide first aid immediately. If you think, you are not aware enough to take care of your pet at that specific time, then please consult a Vet before opting any self approach. There are certain aspects which are needed to be considered under such circumstances:

1- Always keep your pet hydrated, let it be under the shade and a cool area, if it is pretty sunny and temperature is hot;

2- Your pet also has mood swings, unlike us we have the ability to talk and they have the ability to talk through their gestures- don’t avoid them;

3- If you think that your pet is not responding while you’re calling out to him- it should “ring a bell” to you;

4- There are certain period of time- where the weather immediately switches from cold breeze to warm breeze, make sure your pet is not being affected by the temperature;

5- If your pet acts as lethargic, take his temperature (if you are not able to reach to Vet);

6- Be responsive and vigilant towards your pet at the time of their ill-ness as, the situation flips within time.

This is often considered to be true that, no matter how much we share our piece of information, it all boils down to actual scenario. As being the owner of beautiful breeds of dogs, I have faced various challenges and been through a lot of experiences of Vets, Ill-ness, Immediate help, first- aid, etc and etc. So, all I would end up with is, do the best that you can to save your pet.

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Pawfect Weather For Paw Friends


*Sigh* what a beautiful weather for the paw friends. In the recent years, there has been drastic changes in the weather which has been effecting humans as well as animals from all walks of life. Being situated in the Central Asia- the weather is more likely to be sunny, with fluctuations of sudden changes in the temperature which leads to abrupt seasonal health issues.

It is therefore requested to all the people out there to keep an eye on your pets as the weather tends to fluctuate more often. It is often asked by couple of people that how does global warming affect our well being. This is the most of the common queries that we tend to receive, but eventually we are able to communicate well to people how to treat themselves and their pets at the given circumstances. Take a look below:

1- Check their paws: the paws are the soft tissues which by sudden heat might tear open, if the dog is kept out in the sun on the concrete. Make sure the place where your pet stays, is kept cool and is not on a hard flooring.

2- Panting: when your pet is hyper and active, running around they often out of excitement pant, but when it’s extreme hot on a sunny day, if the dog is kept outside under the open sky, then that panting is a sign of heat stroke.

3. Wet Nose: the wellness of a cat and dog is often considered by a wet nose. But if they are kept in isolation it is not considered the same.

4. Meals: during summer keep your pet well hydrated. It is necessary to keep the place cool and the water to be kept and changed within every 3 hours in a day.

The situation of each pet can be varied. It is not necessary that all the pets have the same health issues, so it is a vital factor that every pet owner should be very careful before giving treatment by themselves because the health of the pet is far more important than just making wild guesses and performing on the pet.