Tag: Heat

  • Summers Are Going To Be Warm

    Summers are here and if it warm for us then it is also warm for the Animals. If you are thirsty, they are too. If you feel hungry, so they do. All you need to do is: 1- Keep a clean water bowl in your patio, rooftop or garden; 2- Place a bowl with pieces […]

  • Social Media Can Be Used For Spreading Positivity

    With so much going on around, one doesn’t expect to see something good on the famous fun app TikTok, where people have been sharing some crazy dance videos to some mimicking or song singing, this is what I came across and found it very interesting and couldn’t resist to share with the readers here. Whoever […]

  • Crazy Saturday Post: Look Who I Met

    On the way to my home as I was crossing by inside streets of the main hustle bustle road of Tariq Road (famous in City Karachi). I saw a cute white goat, as I rolled my mirror I got the attention of this cutie as if staring at me. All I said was “picture please” […]

  • What To Do To Help Your Pets In This Scorching Heat?

    Since the summers have hit, the heat and the warm wind has made couple of people sick and ill. Not only the humans are affected, it is the animals too who are in the same boat. It is clearly visible that the warm weather is going to remain and also as the MET office have […]