Don’t Abandon Your Pets

Imagine what trauma these animals go through when you leave them behind. It is surely very disturbing and traumatising for the animals itself because, they have no idea what are they suppose to do since they are the most loyal living beings around.

Humans have come to an extend where they have disobeyed all the ethics and values which once were taught to them. Despite of various protests and outrage on social media, there are certain countries like mine who are adamant of killing and abandoning pets whenever they wish, without realising the effect of sadness that would they go through.

What Happens When You Abandon Your Pet:

1- It isn’t anyhow justified to just leave your pets in the middle of the night that too, without food and water;

2- The trauma of the Humans behaviour they go through, is totally unbelievable as it leaves a big trust issues on the pets;

4- For You, they are a Part of your life and for Them, You are a Whole Family.

5- They keep waiting for you to return that maybe one day you shall take him home with you.

Why to give pain to a voiceless being when you know how they would be without you. One of the reason that I always share on my blog, to not to have a pet when you can’t take the responsibility for your entire life.

Animals deserve to live with the family they own, and once a pet remains a pet always!

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