Animals Have Feelings Too!

Only if you can understand the fact that the Animals also go through misery and agony while living their lives on streets, surviving on their own and saving themselves from being hurt. Even then, Humans are the worst enemies that they don’t even spare their existence.

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Look at those eyes as they explain their pain and what they have been through.

Be kind as this is the only thing that you can do! Once you’re kind with them, your life itself becomes a better place to live in.

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Sunday Post: Humans Are The Worst Monsters

What do you have to say about this, as I have different perception, may because the inhumane act that I witness, some people posts videos of animal cruelty and they make emojis, and laugh about it, I call it totally a brutal act, an act of Inhumanity.

We should know, understand and speak up when we see, hear or someone talk about animal cruelty, we should be brave enough to speak about them because this is how we as Humans as rise as a Nation otherwise, we are doomed.

Together we can and we will, Make a difference in the society because whatever good you put out in the world, comes right back at you!

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Do You Feel Cold?

All over the globe the weather has been changing, that’s the effect because of Global warming, the ozone layer is reducing which is causing so many disturbances in the weather all over the globe, we can only pray that it doesn’t gets difficult in the coming years. Somewhere on earth either it is snowing or somewhere it is pleasant to extreme summers. Well, in most of the incidents, we have learned that the pet owners don’t often take care of their pets enough. They don’t give them the proper care that their pet needs, it’s alright to punish the pet but it is not alright to chain them outside in the snow for long hours in the night! how insane it is!! I don’t understand what is wrong with the mentality of the people? Why so much of anger and frustration is found in the people of this generation. I understand that the pandemic has made our lives a bit slow and monotonous, but it doesn’t gives us the right to be a monster for the one who cannot even speak for themselves! That’s totally inhumane.

Always remember, if you feel cold then they feel more cold than you. They can get sick to death, please don’t let them stay out in the snow, show some mercy and care towards these animals whether they are your pets or if you find them anywhere on the street. They also deserve some affection, so give them that.

Don’t forget they do have the same feelings as of us. They also have a heart which beats like ours 24/7/365. The only difference is Animals don’t play with our hearts, it’s the Humans who play with their little heart and damages their soul to death.

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When I Needed A Hand, I Found A Paw

Little angels takes the most space in our hearts which later we cherish with the beautiful bond that we created with them. At times we often neglect what we have treasured with us until GOD makes us realise it by a way or something. We often forget that when we have pets at home, how different life becomes, we get so much responsible because we know that we have someone behind at home who needs to be fed or taken out for their business. How life would have been if I wouldn’t have had a Pet dog or Pet Cats at home! I wonder , but do you?

If you come to think of it then you would also agree to the fact that these Animals have the capacity to grab the negative energy from us and transmit their positive energy which makes us feel relaxed, calm and happy. It is a beautiful sight that when I get home, and I am greeted by my Pet Dog, he is the only being who feels so excited when I enter home. I do feel blessed that my dog understands me well and this is something that most of you would agree. I get to know that my Dog is being concerned about my bad day daywork, or if mom is yelling at me, he simply snubs in the middle and takes the matter in his hand.

I know I can trust on my paw more than Hand.

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Teach Your Children Empathy And Kindness Towards Animals

With the recent hype of such a incident of Kitten Rape which has taken social media like a fire. Who is to be held accountable?

I don’t know what to say, I think Humans have turned out to be Monsters and we are raising monsters and nurturing them by providing them with latest gadgets, by giving them the freedom of technology and everything. We as Parents are not paying attention in our children lives. This wont be a lie because if we were to be then probably such incident wouldn’t have taken place. We would have been raising Humans instead of frustrated monsters. Since this year has started with Covid-19, I have been getting multiple complains of Parents that they seem to be very disturbed by their children staying at home most of the day. When asked them to spend time with kids, usually what parents reply “Kids make a lot of noise, always asking for something to eat and I am tired of taking care of them that’s why I tell them to go and play somewhere outside”, but they forgot to tell their child where to play! That’s where the lack of guidance shows. When Parents won’t take interest in their children then how would they communicate and share what’s going in their mind. The time that they spend outside with their so-called friends, how would you know whether your child has a good company or a bad company? If a child does an awful act, usually parents don’t accept that, they always consider their child to be naive, though he isn’t because if a child can think of something wrong, then he wouldn’t waste a minute in committing a crime! Therefore it is parents duty to monitor their child strictly on a daily basis, should have such a bond with their child that they should be confident enough to share their darkest secrets. Agreed that there is a barrier of respect between child and his parents but they shouldn’t be so aloof that they would be uninformed about anything that has happened with their child or their child has committed an offence.

Please stay vigilant. Be attentive and listen to your child.

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