What Is An Influent Society?

Does any reader have an idea about what is an Influent Society? Probably, most of the people would have been having an idea but for the rest, I would elaborate so all of you can understand it pretty well. Influent Society is about how a society, a group of people work together for a cause in order to make sure, all the beings in the society understand their worth as well as continue to strive and live together side by side to make this nature work as the way it should.

The bitter truth of our society is that Humans have considered everything, every being on this planet as granted for their entertainment. Sadly, all the animals that I continue to witness each day while commute, I only see the bruises and the way the Humans own the animals and have kept them in such a condition where these poor innocent souls are actually tortured to death on day-to-day basis. Today when I was returning home, I saw couple of stray dogs, carrying their offspring and running around the area just to find a safe place for their babies. Even these animals know that the puppies need a warm, cozy and a safe place where they can leave their puppies behind while they hunt for food. But who knows that upon their return the poor innocent babies would be killed by the two-legged beings with brains. I still don’t understand the theory of people torturing animals for the sake of entertainment, they also consider them as someone who are not needed in this society. My point is, how do they know whether they are needed in the society or do they make any difference. We have limited our thoughts, our opinions about everything because we have become so selfish that we don’t want to think good for any one else whether it may be an Animal as well. We forget that, Humans are gifted with so many qualities and amongst the most liked one is to be kind, and this is something that we can do atleast. There is no harm in keeping a clean water bowl in the garden for the thirsty animals, there is no harm to keep a bowl filled with food, you can easily fill it up when you go out in the area, there is no harm to let the animals seek shelter at your place, there is no harm literally.

Think about it. Maybe this way, we can together make this society a better place to let everyone live peacefully.

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