World’s Loneliest Elephant ‘Kaavan’

Kaavan: is the world’s loneliest elephant who has lived his entire life in chains in Pakistan. One of the devastating element to know is that this majestic animal didn’t have a proper enclosure neither friends of his own. Elephants are one of those Animals who prefer and live in herds for the rest of their lives, they care for each other and live together no matter what, they would help one another and be there like a rock for their herd.

Here is the video to show you what exactly was it like before moving to his sanctuary.

Life of Kaavan was horrible while he lived his 35 years in an enclosed cage where he had no one to see, cherish and play with.

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Kaavan And His Frolics

Everyone knows the journey of Kaavan and how he dealt with everything that was so horrible for any of us to remember and now after facing so many troubles for 35 years of his life, now he is finally having the life that he always deserved.

Here is for you to watch his freedom and his frolics. I just hope no animal in this world goes through what Kaavan went through.

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New Year’s Eve!!

This year has finally come to an End, we have lost some, we have gained some, we have missed some. But whatever we have experienced, we have experienced together! That’s what it counts.

There are LOTS Of Things that you can thank your Lord for, that you are safe and at home, unhurt and unaffected, you are with your loved ones and in your comfort zones, you are eating good and wearing good, you are blessed with a peaceful mind with everyone being healthy at home, above all, You Made It Through Safely till the end of this year! God Bless You All!

We the team of Hena’s Blog For Paws, want to take this occasion and thank all and each one of you for reading our articles and supporting us by giving us your valuable feedback, sharing and spreading out the work that we do. We have surely come so far and it wouldn’t have been possible if YOU wouldn’t have supported us, so we just want to THANK YOU for appreciating our work and just keep supporting us the way you have been doing, thank you!

This year would be forgotten from the calendar but we cannot forget 30th November, 2020 which is the one of the memorable day for each and everyone of us as it is the BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT for this year as it marks the FREEDOM OF KAAVAN!!! YESS!! We have done it and this happened because of YOU ALL!! Thank you for saving Kaavan, thank you for raising your voice and thank you for speaking for our Furry Friends.. like I always say “TOGETHER WE CAN AND WE WILL BRING A CHANGE

We wish you a Very Healthy Happy New Year 2021!

Keep rocking and stay safe and stay at home!

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