Pet Village Animal Hospital

I have been very keen to explore such places where Animals are treated well and kept at a proper enclosure with all the basic necessities. The only thing which caught my attention was that this hospital is open 24/7, and has all the proper care available with experienced doctors on board. Apart from that they also have basic necessities available for anyone with pets who wish to have either food, bowls, harness or even cat carriers or dog cages.

Pet Village hospital is situated at 26th Street, Defence Housing Society, Karachi.

If anyone who has been here, can share your reviews.

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Second Heat Wave In Karachi

It’s really a bad weather, too much heat, such a scorching sun which can also burn your feet if you walk bare foot on the road, the way you feel warm and sick, similarly, the animals feel the same thirst, hunger and heat.

Therefore, it is requested to you to keep a clean water bowl out in the patio, rooftop, gallery or garden for the Animals as they might feel thirsty and would in return wish well for you.

A little kindness towards anyone or anything, would bring so much happiness to you that you wouldn’t even know!

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Saturday Post: Adoption Alert

Adoption Alert here once again, just as I was about to step outside my main gate, my eyes caught a sight of a very friendly female dog who was wagging her tail as there is no end, and the way she was so calm and kept sitting her place showed the sign that she trusts humans. One thought came to my mind was that if she is friendly and her tail is vigorously wagging it means that she trusts humans and that’s why she is sitting in the middle of the road without any fear.

For those who are interested in getting her adopted then get in touch with me through Contact Form.

The location is Karachi.

Stay tuned for all the updates on this lil pup.

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Monsoon Rains Didn’t End

Please help animals in rains, it’s a request. These Animals don’t have the sources to help themselves and it is therefore requested to please keep an eye on the animals in your neighbourhood.

What you can do is:

1- Place clean water bowl, Food for Cats/Dogs;

2- Place a clean card board box or carton and place towel inside;

3- Let them stay in your porch if they are found outside your house, bring them in;

4- Lastly, if you have a boat and you’re in search of people and come across any street animal then please give them a lending hand

Follow us on IG: @HenaBlogForPaws

Follow us on IG: @HenaBlogForPaws