Picture Worth Thousand Words

Indeed, not every person is just like another. We all have differences, we all have different mindsets but what these Animals know is that the two-legged Humas are the only ones, who hurt them the most. This is true but bitter reality of our lives.

The least that we can do for these Animals is to be kind to them, by either lending a hand of help, or by either feeding them proper food and water on daily basis. The right conduct of the person is determined by the way he is to those who are weak and cannot benefit the other by any means.

As what I think is, the only thing to know about a person is how he deals with the Animals.

Be kind and be gentle.

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Be Kind As This Is Food For Your Soul

My food for soul is to feed the animals whenever and wherever possible. People often call me weird and at first, I didn’t realize that why do they call me weird if I feed the animals, later I got to know that they call me weird because I was doing something they never thought of doing. If I am trying to spread care and love in the society by feeding the animals- then this doesn’t mean I am weird, this shows the mentality of our people in the society. The problem is not the society, it is the people and how their toxicity can destroy you to bits. It’s very sad to see that these people would actually lower you down, but uttering something which also doesn’t bothers them, they would demean you, utter hurtful comments and which makes no sense at all.

Most of those who read my articles, who know about my cause can actually relate to it, because they know what my effort is for and how far I have come by my own self, it wasn’t easy and never impossible though, it is all in the head and I knew that if negativity can spread rapidly then why cannot the positivity. One thing I didn’t let my mind think was that what will people say, this thought is so demoralizing that one cannot think about anything else except about what people would say. The place that I live is a closed community and here the pets are supposed to be indoors and cannot stay outside in the yard as they would bark specifically Dogs. Cats of course can stay indoors and outdoors even as no one is disturbed by their presence. The day I shifted here, I was welcomed by a beautiful white female Cat whom I later named Snowy, since then she has been staying in my house, is a usual visitor now as she loves to give birth at my place but due to the presence of my then Diesel the boerboel, I couldn’t keep her with me. With the passage of time, everyone in my immediate neighbors they also started feeding the strays, when they saw that I am getting Cat Food specially for all of the Cats and I feed them regularly.

Little by little, same people who use to look at me, now feed the cats in the neighborhood. This is called Good things go a long way, the path may be uneasy but the effort that was put in good work goes a long way!

Always remember, whatever good you put out in the world, find it’s way coming right back at you!

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Friday Post: Cats Are Pure

Always be kind towards Animals as this is what our religion teaches us, being king to those who cannot give you anything in return actually defines you what kind of a human you are.

Animals are pure at heart, they won’t bother you until you do. They share the same feelings, sentiments and affection just like Humans, so please don’t hit them, don’t be mad at them for no reason. If you think you don’t like their presence then atleast don’t hit them. You have no right to hit any animal at any cost.

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