Update On Kitten Rape

This is an update on behalf of the shelter home of JFK who has faced a lot of trouble in raising the matter to the authorities, we just pray that the Kitten gets justice and the culprits be punished severely.

Finally Law Enforcement Authorities have taken up the case and will further investigate everything related to the Kittens Rape. Refrain from posting made up stuff, or any theories, let law handle this now. I did my part, now it has to be done by the authorities. Hope and pray justice is served and the culprits are exposed. The entire thing turned against JFK being wrong rather than catching the rapist. Some people have been focusing more on defaming JFK rather than raising voice towards the case and still are actively doing so and that too by calling them selves activists. But it does not matter, this was something to unite not make groups. Also JFK is not alone because of all the wonderful supporters out there who stood by JFK in this tough time from all over the World. Nothing can stop me from rescuing or working on my shelter. I will not stop saving animals. I will fight till my last breath till animal rights are given, till animal laws are made, till their pain is taken seriously. I spoke to someone and they said can we even punish someone by law if they have raped a kitten? This came from a serving officer who did not even know this, this sums up the level of animal rights we have here. Another kid that was humping the cat in another video that went viral got away with it by saying he was playing around. IS THIS FOR REAL? Can someone play like this with a human? How is it ok to hump a living being sexually calling it a joke. Whats more shocking is that he got away with it because our society didnt find that clip RAPEY ENOUGH. For our society the organ has to be inserted in the animal in order to consider it a rape or take any action. Anything done to an animal other than this act is justified and one can get away with it. So this is what i’m standing against, i demand proper animal laws where each living being is given rights and respect, where touching an animal wrongly and sexually is a crime. Till now if you makeout with an animal and touch them or hump them it is not rape, i swear someone called me and said that too. I hope all of this leads to proper laws so sick kids like these know their boundaries and are punished on such acts. I hope animals all over the world will get some sort of protection and people will start talking about their rights. Currently there is not even any department here where sexual abuse against animals can be reported, i request the authorities to make such a department in our country. There are multiple videos related to sex with animals in our country and all of those people need to be punished one by one. You can look it all up yourselves.

You can follow the details on their Facebook Page JFK Shelter Animal Rescue and Shelter

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Where Is Parental Guidance?

With the recent hype of such a incident of Kitten Rape which has taken social media like a fire. Who is to be held accountable?

I don’t know what to say, I think Humans have turned out to be Monsters and we are raising monsters and nurturing them by providing them with latest gadgets, by giving them the freedom of technology and everything. We as Parents are not paying attention in our children lives. This wont be a lie because if we were to be then probably such incident wouldn’t have taken place. We would have been raising Humans instead of frustrated monsters.

Since this year has started with Covid-19, I have been getting multiple complains of Parents that they seem to be very disturbed by their children staying at home most of the day. When asked them to spend time with kids, usually what parents reply “Kids make a lot of noise, always asking for something to eat and I am tired of taking care of them that’s why I tell them to go and play somewhere outside”, but they forgot to tell their child where to play! That’s where the lack of guidance shows. When Parents won’t take interest in their children then how would they communicate and share what’s going in their mind. The time that they spend outside with their so-called friends, how would you know whether your child has a good company or a bad company? If a child does an awful act, usually parents don’t accept that, they always consider their child to be naive, though he isn’t because if a child can think of something wrong, then he wouldn’t waste a minute in committing a crime!

Therefore it is parents duty to monitor their child strictly on a daily basis, should have such a bond with their child that they should be confident enough to share their darkest secrets. Agreed that there is a barrier of respect between child and his parents but they shouldn’t be so aloof that they would be uninformed about anything that has happened with their child or their child has committed an offence.

Please stay vigilant. Be attentive and listen to your child.

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Where Is The World Headed?

It would be a blessing when I wake up to a mews where it says ‘No Animal Cruelty has been found lately’. I pray for mercy from our Creator because we Humans have forgotten our purpose of life. He created us as Superior Entity over all but what have we done? Where is the world headed to? Day of Judgement- Yes!

I can see the Day of Judgment coming close to us because we have given too much hell to our fellow beings on this land that our Creator is not happy with us. How would HE be? This Pandemic is not coming slow, if you realise the cases have increased all over the world, all this is happening not because we have done something good but it is all because we have failed to be Humans and to carry our humanity. We have failed. Every single day passes by praying for our furry friends well-beings, they do deserve to Live freely, why can’t we leave them alone. Why can’t we teach some basic ethics to our children, why can’t we raise HUMANS! Why? Today I am sharing a devastating news with you all as I am not able to gulp it down my throat.

Just when i was already giving up on the world and was thinking it is a terrible place for animals, this case came in and has shattered me to the point that i dont think i will ever be fixed. But if i look away and ignore this, i would not be able to face my Lord. I cried, i cried with the girl who reported this. I’m ashamed of belonging to human race. This kitten was bought by a family in lahore, their son is 15 years old. This boy along with other boys (his cousins and friends) have been raping her since a week and damaged her organs to the point that she gave up last night. She could not walk, she could not eat, she could not sit, she never slept due to the pain and trauma. When she was taken to the vet he took out lots of sperm, blood, and lots of shoppers that were used by those boys for raping the kitten. Sperm and blood kept on leaking from her holes. She was raped so much that her two holes turned into one. The vet also confirmed of what ever had happened to the kitten but refused to write it on the paper as he did not want to get involved in any of this. The girl who had been monitoring these kids always kept an eye on the kitten, and saw that she was in a terrible condition. She often offered help for taking in the cat but they refused, when they damaged her completely they gave the kitten to her after she insisted again. The girl literally prayed for the kitten to be taken by God because she could not see her misery and pain. Tell me what kind of punishment do these boys deserve? What should be done to them? If this goes to police they will either laugh or ignore, animals mean nothing to them. This is like the 5th sexual abuse case related to animals that i have come across. I filed cases, sent written complains, went to lawyers, spoke to a million people. Did anything ever happen? I will again file a court case and speak to a lawyer. I want these boys punished the same way they tortured the kitten. You people would probably like and share, and this will get old. Some rapist will get another dog or cat or a monkey. Because it is so much easier raping the voiceless and weak as they wont even be able to tell what you devils did to them right? You know these voiceless dont have laws and are not taken seriously here, so you chose them to rape. If law doesn’t work this time, i will personally handle these boys. I will not spare them. I will not forgive them. I will not leave them. I will make sure their asses bleed! So done with humans. The girl who reported this doesn’t want to go to courts or come on any platform, so she contacted me so i can be the voice for this kitten that was raped brutally. The kitten is buried and surely speaking to God up there about what ever happened to her in this cruel world. This is Pakistan, and these are Pakistani men. Men are choosing animals for rape now after women and minors. Who will get justice for this hand sized little kitten when our women and children are not given justice after rape? I want to ask our politicians and officials, where are all the animal laws? Why is this not a big deal for us? How many more animals will get raped? I’m just ashamed today, to the point i want to bury myself in the ground. Some serious therapies and sex education programs need to be conducted in our country no matter how much mullahs hate it, men dont know shit here! These programs and workshops are essential now. Government needs to conduct urgent sex education programs in schools and in societies and there should be laws for animals. But first of all police should be taught to take animal cases seriously. When the mother of that boy was approached she said MY SON DID NOT DO THIS SOME ONE FROM THE STREET MUST HAVE DONE IT. I’m still in a shock and crying, what did this kitten do to deserve this? I swear if this time, laws and authorities stay silent. I’m forming an animal police of my own and will punish these basturds my self. There should be an animal police, an animal helpline, a helpline to report animal abuse and rape cases because we are one sick society! Postmortem confirmed what ever happened to the kitten but vets refused to write that on a paper. I hate men, i hate men, i hate men, I’m scared of going out, i’m scared of walking between men. God save us from them! No one is safe here. No one.
Speaking to the lawyer shortly to proceed.


And then you say why do I speak for Animal Rights. We are not raising children, we are raising terrorists, this is called terrorism and this is what our children learning from too much of Technology. Why can’t parents just simply monitor their children STRICTLY!

Why do you bring them in the world when you CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO TAKE CARE OF THEM!Just too paranoid because if I didn’t raise voice today then tomorrow, it would be someone else’s daughter! They couldn’t spare the Animal then how would they spare a woman!

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The New Generation Vs Technology

What an irony! Where parents have no time for children and children have no time to spend at home with family. There is no such thing as family time on either weekends or weekdays. The concept that we had while growing up that family time is important, sitting and spending time with elders of the family was a norm, where we were taught basic manners and ethics. The routine was a lot different that we get to see now, it has no match at all.

I want to take a minute and address the Parents, what are they doing during Pandemic? What are their duties during this time of the year because since children are at home, family is at home and only at a certain time they are occupied rest of the hours are totally vacant. What are Parents doing when their child is doing nothing and watching Netflix or is on Internet? This is Parental Guidance, it is the job of the Parents (both Mother and Father) to monitor their child, to develop interest in them to find out what is going in their mind and what is bothering them or where is their interest going. It is important to find that out. With the recent horrific case of Kitten Rape and another case of 18 year old boy making a live video and posting it on a story, has taken the social media like a fire.

Why not? Every living being life counts because Humans are no one to decide whether who is to be taken for entertainment or who is to be considered as useless. What parents do at home is always adapted by children, may it be attribute of parents or actions, the language and the body gestures. The elders of the family need to set a good example infront of their children so that when they grow up they have valuable actions which would go a long way. Children turning into monsters, raping a 2.5 month old Kitten, can you imagine that? Does your mind accepts this fact? How can a 15 year old boy including his same age cousins committed a heinous act. Where were the Parents that time? Didn’t they know what happened to the cat, didn’t they inquire? The kitten must have screamed in pain, didn’t the elders hear her scream? Why were they quiet, why they didn’t speak up, why?

I urge everyone to please step up, because if you step forward today then tomorrow it could be your pet!

To all those people who say “the kitten wasn’t dressed properly that’s why she got Raped”.

This heinous act is in the brain and not in the eyes! What did the animal do? She was just a baby!!!!

We need to come together and Act Now!

If you don’t want to have Your children turn into Humans then don’t complain later, that we didn’t warn you!

Humanity is dead.. If we have started to raise such Monsters then I fear, no one would be safe on this planet.

Be ready to face the karma, because you never know When the table turns!

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