Feed A Stray During LockDown

All the stray animals are now on the edge of dying with hunger. As the humans are now under lock and key, these animals have nothing to eat or drink. As before when things were normal, they could fetch something for themselves and their families but now, they have nothing to hunt for.

Therefore it is requested to please take care of these animals as they are also our Lord’s creation and it is our responsibility to feed them with whatever we have. Even few biscuits could make them survive another day. All you need to do is:

1- Place a water bowl,

2- Place another empty bowl and pour some left over food or biscuits/bread in it,

3- Change the water or refill as per the need. Due to the heat, it would be better if your place the water bowl somewhere in shade.

This isn’t something hard, it hardy takes 5 minutes of your day to do an act of kindness. Please do and spread the word.

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Do Feed Animals During LockDown

It is very important to take care of everyone around us and that also includes the street dogs and cats, donkeys who are abandoned, horses who are tied for long without food and water.

These animals also call their master and ask for mercy for the Humans who feed them. You never know your one kind act can save you from a lot of miseries.

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Pet Shops During Lockdown

Animals by any means are the easy targets of Humans. May it be for fun or for money, humans have lost empathy towards animals and with each passing minute, they are targeted and hurt the most. Since Covid-19 has arrived, there is a severe Lock Down over the country, which makes all the markets shut down including the ones which had pets inside the shops.

Irony is, the pet shop owners closed their shops without realising that the alive pets inside the shop would die without food and water. In the recent plea by the animal activist and welfare, they joined for a cause of releasing the pets or to either feed them daily, they approached to the Local Government body, somehow they agreed and now the pets at the market are rescued while the others are already dead. This is very disturbing. It is not to be fed by someone that if you have animals in your shop then it is your bountiful duty to feed the animals with fresh water daily and if you couldn’t take the responsibility then you shouldn’t have been having the animals at the shop at the first place. So many animals had died in the shops and the ones who were rescued were in a very bad shape, some of them were lying in their own dirt and the place where they were kept was disgusting. When the Human cannot take it then how can we expect the animals to live in that place!!

Therefore it is requested to all the readers to please think before you keep an animal, it’s not for fun, they are living being. If you cannot take care of them then don’t bother to keep them for show, it’s a request!

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True Happiness

We all know the crisis the whole world is going through, all the living beings are in this together with Humans. The difference is Animals are at ease as the humans are not to be found on streets and Humans are facing what they reaped.

In this lockdown, the humans might be restricted at homes but the ones who were being fed by the Restaurants or road side cafe are the ones suffering the most. We all know since the offices are closed, businesses are shut completely and the poor is the one who cannot even eat a time food in a day, therefore talking about Animals might be something most of the readers won’t continue to read or eat. We will get through this time as well if we abided to the rules and did what the Government has been sharing with us. Nobody can stop the virus except for the Lord so we all should pray out loud so it vanishes and we get back to our daily life provided that we won’t Harm the animals again!

Happiness is all about when you feed a hungry soul regardless two legged or four legged. It’s all about feeding a living being and with all heart. We have a heart so don’t be heartless, and try to practice a method of sharing, which shall make you a better Human at heart in person.

Please keep a clean water bowl and something to eat for the animals. You shall be rewarded for this cause, God Bless You All.