Love Has No Language

Animals do speak, who said they are voiceless. All you need is a heart and eyes. Heart to listen to their unheard story and eyes to see what they have been through while being homeless.

Every living being deserves love and affection, lucky are those who receive but unfortunate are those who are still waiting out there to be seen, heard and adopted.

Animals are adorable irrespective to their characteristics.

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Meet ‘Jenny The Horse’

Good Morning Readers!

Today, I am going to share a beautiful story of ‘Jenny’, a horse who actually goes on a long walk every morning all by herself in Frankfurt, Germany. Yup, that’s right. She has been taking the same route every morning for about 14 long years, ever since her owner, now 79 years old, became unable to ride. She is a beautiful, friendly horsey who enjoys greeting all of the familiar faces along the way, and she stops, gets treats and pettings from some of her favourite humans. The locals treat her like a celebrity and happily clean up after her.

There is a piece of paper which is attached to her halter that reads “My name is Jenny. I didn’t run away, I’m just walking. Thank you”. But the police get calls frequently from people who don’t know about her. They are very familiar with the horse and the owner. And there have been no incidents in 14 years of time. A local veterinarian gives her routine checkups and continue to find her to be healthy and showing no anxiety about her unique lifestyle.

It’s Not “Just A Dog”

I plead:

It’s not just a dog,

It’s a living being, with a heart and a soul,

It’s not just a dog,

It’s my companion in sorrows,

It’s not just a dog,

It’s my friend whom I can confide in,

It’s not just a dog,

It’s the trust that he has in me,

It’s not just a dog,

It’s my shadow who has captured my heart,

And it’s just not a dog!

Love Has No Barriers!

Love is unconditional and can be found in living being. From Humans to Animals, the love of a mother is incomparable. Despite of this fact, yet we treat Animals with disgrace.

Only a mother can define her unconditional love for her child. The same can be observed in the Animal Kingdom. A mother gives birth, takes care of the child, nurtures and make them stand on their own, the same goes in the Animal Kingdom, they give birth, make them learn how to protect themselves from predators, hunt food and let them live on their own. There is hardly any difference between the two, then why do we measure of the love of them and share our views on it?

My question to them are: “Are we even a percent of asking this question from those mothers who live in despair when their calf is taken away in front of them while the farmers collect the milk from the Buffalos. Have you even seen their pain?, how restless they become when their calf is no where near them”. This feelings is very rare!

We are no-one to define the Love of a Mother. Because, their love may it be a Human or an Animal- is incomparable and no where to what our imagination can think of!