Black Cats Are Not Bad Luck!

It is really weird to see that how people according to their less knowledge regarding facts, they claim as if they know everything. Can just someone tell me that who made this Black Cat considered to be a bad luck?

How can a Cat bring bad luck? Just by its color how can they differ it from the rest.

It’s just the color that makes them stand out, but it doesn’t mean that we Humans start hating the black cat just based on the color. It is ridiculous! With little or no knowledge how, this statement can be justified even.

It’s beyond my thinking approach.

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Friday Post: Cats And Their Myth

Sometimes, it is overwhelming to see that how animals act much smarter and clever than Humans. They teach us things in so many ways that we cannot even imagine that how did they do that! I remember the time when my rescued Cat for the first time actually gave birth to kittens in my room, yes you read that right, she gave birth in my room and there I had to arrange all the stuff for her in order to keep herself safe and sound, but who knew that this mother cat had other plans. I had heard about that Cats usually switch places seven times, I don’t know the reason behind this but this was the first time that I had ever witnessed, my Cat Tiny (I named her because she was so damn skinny when she showed up in my garden), chose to switch places seven times within my room and like it was a playground for all the kittens, they scratched my carpet, hung up on the curtains and played as if it was a merry go round, then they wanted to get into the cupboard. They easily stayed in my room for around 2-3 weeks. I realized that it is very difficult to see that how the kittens don’t really survive in cold weather. One of the kitten couldn’t survive, she was the last one in the line and was so tiny and skinny, I did everything to save her but it was like Tiny didn’t know what to do with the baby as she was really not interested, I think, the Animals tend to figure out that how much or well their babies can survive. Otherwise, there wasn’t any reason for the mother cat to ignore.

A question to all the Cat parents out there, how many of you have witnessed such behavior of your Cats where they seem to be clueless or careless with their offspring, I need to know as I witnessed this for the first time.

Looking for answers in the comment section.

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Sunday Post: Are You Superstitious?

Tell me you believe in this so I can laugh out loud. No, it’s pretty okay as growing up I was always told not to cross the road when you witness a black cat crossing by you, you should wait until someone else passes by or either change routes. I have also heard that Black Cat brings bad luck, now when you talk to someone who believes in religion and then believes in the fact that my Lord, Allah (S.W.T) has created all beings on this planet by his wish and will and when he has said that superstition is for those who don’t believe in religion then I guess there is nothing to be afraid of.

We often hear alot of stories and start creating ours in our mind without thinking that it might affect us badly.

Whatever may be the reason, I still am waiting for everyone of you to share your thoughts on this one.

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7 Homes Of Cat? Myth Or Misconception

We all know that a cat changes 7 places (homes) now what is the myth that is yet to be unfold. Since childhood I had observed and seen how a cat takes her child one by one to another place, which yes is a toll but that’s how nature has created a system in Animal Kingdom.

Similarly, my Tiny the rescued cat who had given birth to Kittens in the mid week of October, has been eventually changing her home for the 4th consecutive time, and you would be surprised that she is changing her home in the very room! The room that she gave birth in and then the way she roams around in search of a new spot and ending up bringing the kittens in the centre of the room thinking that she owns it. My God, it is really difficult to fix these kittens in one place obviously we can’t though, as they are little wanderers. So finally, after a tough running around, telling her to stop taking her out of the room and getting her sit in the tub has finally worked out!

So yes, we did it 😇so Tiny now has a tub and her little kittens in it as you can see in the image shared above 😊

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Black Cat-A Beauty Or A Myth!

Since my childhood I have heard about how a black cat crossing your path brings you bad luck.

The poor Cat wouldn’t even know how does he brings bad luck? *sigh* that’s an irony! Without knowing any history or even without having any logic behind it how can we really mark Black Cat as Bad luck!! With the passage of time and with so many allegations and also when our elders start making us feel guilty by sharing some of the superstitious views which were told to them by their parents. How this scenario passes on and affects a psychic becomes really challenging.

These are all myths and superstitions which the people have made up by themselves. Just because, if something bad happened to them or an unforseen incident occurred then it doesnt means that the poor animal should be dealt with hatred!

Lack of education often leads to misconceptions and ideology