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  • Animals Are Family!

    Animals Are Family!

    Animals are the beautiful creation and one of the prized possessions of Mother Earth. We even don’t know how many species of every being exists and in how many various forms, it is the Science and the people who study them, that they are able to discover and uncover the beautiful meaning of these Creatures.…

  • Did You Know?

    A useful information I have for you to share, which I feel most of us wouldn’t know. One of the beautiful memories that I have is of, I once helped a crow as he was thirsty and somehow was injured, he fell in my garden, so I went up to him gave him water, and…

  • Dolphin And The Calf

    This is such a beautiful video. You guys should watch it! This is what our Lord has bestowed us with, yet we Humans are after killing the nature’s beauty. Watch

  • Note For All Mankind

    In the busy schedules, with the hustle bustle in our daily routine we have somehow forgotten about our cause of being Humans. It is not about playing a blame game or counting one another’s do’s and don’t, it is about giving a moment to yourself and think what is the purpose of life. How well…

  • When Will They Blame The Humans?

    When Will They Blame The Humans?

    What a beautiful quote I read somewhere and felt the need to share with my followers. An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. Martin Buber All the pet owners can relate to this quote as we witness this daily. It is not necessary to under estimate our furry friends just because…

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