Watch The Transformation Of This Rescue Dog

Animal rescues are not easy and with every rescue cases we deal with sudden abrupt moments, the moment which has some grievances, sorrows and some are filled with happiness but unlike the one we are about to share.

Watch Here

Rescuing an animal is when the poor soul is left alone to die on the street or has been abandoned for various reasons as per their owners. When we look at the poor animal we only realize that why did the pooch had to go through all of this. We need to understand that these animals are living beings and they deserve to live the way they want. That’s how nature is. We do everything to please ourselves, whether it is about cropping ears or tails for winning the Show, this is really something I don’t support. I have had a Rottweiler and I currently have a Boerboel (South African Breed), everyone told me to get this ears and tail cropped so he looks good and I was suggested to take him to the Dog Show as I had such a breed which would win plenty of Trophies but to all of them I had only one reply and that was “My dog is family and is not a Show Dog, I won’t get his ears or tail cropped as he is my pet and that’s it”. To date, I follow the sane and I have no regrets, you know why, because I didn’t want my dog to go through such trauma, that’s how he was born and that’s how nature brought him in the world. We can’t challenge that, simple!

So please, take care of your pets and let them live the way they want, don’t treat them as a nobody, they are your family and not a part of your family. They have sentiments, expressions, love and affection and all that they need is your love forever.

Just take care of them until the end of time.

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Sunday Post: Pandemic And Cats

This was one of a task to get your pets inside during pandemic as it wasn’t allowed to be outside the house, and everyone was suppose to be in the house whereas the Cats and dogs were to be sent outside for their businesses and it often use to get difficult.

Here is something we have for you to watch and remind yourself with the best of the time you have is now.

Embrace it!

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Being Considerate For Those You Love

There are many stories about people sharing their experiences on how they have fought the pandemic and how well they are still cooping with it. For some life is over and for some life is yet to begin from the start, but there are some people who are not bothered about their life but don’t want their furry friend to fall behind.

This video is of a man seems from neighbouring country, the best thing about this video is that this shows the empathy, care and love they have for their pets. This man is carrying his pet dog whom he has taken care when the dog was a little pup, he is not wearing a mask but had made sure that his dog wears a mask so he can stay safe from this pandemic.

Doesn’t this man deserves an applause? There are people like him who is taking this pandemic so seriously and then there are people like others who are not even bothered about themselves or their pets!

Share this post on every platform possible and make this man viral!

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Take Care Of YourSelves By Wearing Masks!!

The least that you can do is wear a mask over your nose till your mouth, it is not to be worn under your chin, over your eyes, under your nose or not wearing at all! Guys, this is not to make fun and neither to take it lightly, it’s a damn serious thing and we all need to be very careful of taking extra care and precautionary measures by social distancing, wearing masks and keeping a sanitiser and disinfecting yourself along with the stuff that you buy from the markets.

This is so pathetic to see how irresponsible you all are. You wear masks and throw it on the streets?? For whom to pick it up? Can’t you discard it in the Trash Can or either keep wearing it until you go home and then throw it in the Bin? What’s so difficult in this? Why don’t you guys understand that just because of your negligence someone else’s life can be threatened, I spotted a Kitty playing with the mask, can you imagine what and how would have I made her leave the damn filthy mask!!! Don’t be such lamers that this Pandemic gets even more worse. It is not the problem of the Government, it is YOUR PROBLEM TO TAKE CARE!! because if you are going to fall sick, you would have someone to take you to the Hospital, ever wondered who would help the Street Animals, who would take care of them? If GOD FORBID, they get the virus from us then that would be an alarming situation of every person living in that street. Because, all those who would have pets can then be easily infected.

You need to be very careful of your act so please act wisely!

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Pandemic Is For Everyone

It is for sure to understand that this year is not coming any slow. With the speed that this year is passing, we should pray to our Lord for mercy upon us because there is not one soul on this planet who has not gone through this tough time but also dealt with it closely, some have been affected personally, and majority have lost their jobs since the companies weren’t able to generate Funds and they had to close down.

With so much going on, we really have to think on a broader aspect. For helping each other in the time of need, this is the time where we need each other’s support, whether it concerns your pet even. Basically, what we are trying to put in writing is the fact, how to deal with the fact sensibly.

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The video is about how a boy is heading to school and how cautious he is by wearing the mask himself and making it wear to his Pet Dog. What has caught our attention is the way he is making sure that his pet has the right mask on and is fixed.

If we all try to do our part and pay attention to little effort on our daily routine, then probably we will be able to pass this crucial time too.

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