When I Needed A Hand, I Found A Paw!

It is very difficult to find someone trust-worthy nowadays. Yet we tend to look for someone who is loyal, sincere and honest. Somewhere in between we forget that we are actually looking for something which is very hard to find in a person. I remember, there was a time when I felt like my life is stuck, halted for quite a while and I felt as if nothing seems to work. My mood was so upset that I also didn’t talk to anyone properly and started hating everything around me. It was then, my dog who comforted me, healed me inside out, made me realise that it is for him that I have to look better, feel better because he is there for me. When I sat with him, pet him and even fed him, my dog looked at me as if saying “everything will be fine”. I realised that, we often stop ourselves from sharing our happiness or sorrows with those who can’t talk to us but express their feelings. Animals are those adorable species who have a lot to give and they don’t even expect anything from us.

Sometimes, we learn from those whom we don’t expect. Yet they surprise us in every way possible. They might not speak our language, but they do understand our tone, frequency of voice and above all our expressions from which they realise our mood swings. Ever since, I don’t feel alone because I know my dog is there to understand my mood swings and even if I am not well I know he is always there to make me feel alright.

Animals are beautiful and simply adorable. They make us learn about life and living it to the fullest despite of having any obstacles in your way.

Calling To The Master

It is GOD who has created every little living being on this planet to serve Humans- may that be insects, plants and animals, as the verse quotes:

“It was HE who created all that is on the earth for you, then turned to the sky and made the seven heavens; it is HE who has knowledge of all things.” (Qur’an 2:29)

It was just today evening, that I was on a routine scroll in the garden where I saw Tiger looking up above the sky and “meowing”- as per my gaze, it was pitch dark with just the street lights on and all I could see was the huge blue sky up above. The sight was so mesmerizing that for few seconds I was lost in the beauty of our mother nature. We are moving in a very high pace that we often tend to forget the blessings that we are blessed with- each and every day. It is about even the tiniest thing that we can think of before going to bed. The moment made me think plenty of aspects of life, until Tiger “meowed” in another tone with a different frequency in his pitch, still staring at the blue sky. That very moment I realized that probably it is the conversation that he is making with his Master. The beautiful thing that I noticed was either he was making a prayer or may be trying to ask the purpose of his life in my house.

We all know that, every living thing on this planet actually makes a prayer. We all have to return one day and we all have to leave every luxurious things in life and go back to our Master empty handed. It is time that we all should start realizing the main purpose of our life and time.

Time keeps ticking- all we need to do is, to make our focus straight, count our blessings and be thankful for every little thing in our life.