Saturday Post: What Can and Cannot Your Dog Eat

Most of the Pet owners are concerned with the eating habit of their dogs and they want that the right nutrient should be given to them in order for the Dogs to have a good and a sound health. Below is the chart for you all to make your life a bit easier.

But before implementing, always ask your Vet whether it would be suitable for your Pet Dog or not. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Have You Ever Wondered?

They say if you want to know about loyalty then analyse it from the way your Dog stays loyal to you all the time throughout the years. If you want to know how a best friend looks like, check in the eyes of your Dog, you shall know what a best friend looks like. If you ever feel, you have no one to hear you out, don’t forget your Pet Dog is right there by your side in your struggle, in your success, in your highs and lows, it’s your dog who stays strong like a mountain and never judges you by how you look or even if you give sufficient time to.

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Being Considerate For Those You Love

There are many stories about people sharing their experiences on how they have fought the pandemic and how well they are still cooping with it. For some life is over and for some life is yet to begin from the start, but there are some people who are not bothered about their life but don’t want their furry friend to fall behind.

This video is of a man seems from neighbouring country, the best thing about this video is that this shows the empathy, care and love they have for their pets. This man is carrying his pet dog whom he has taken care when the dog was a little pup, he is not wearing a mask but had made sure that his dog wears a mask so he can stay safe from this pandemic.

Doesn’t this man deserves an applause? There are people like him who is taking this pandemic so seriously and then there are people like others who are not even bothered about themselves or their pets!

Share this post on every platform possible and make this man viral!

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Saturday Post: Always By My Side

Every Pet Owner has been through this phase and those who have, knows the situation, emotions and feelings that how it is to feel to lose a dear Pet.

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It is traumatising but in a very nice video, they have showed the bond shared between her Pet Dog and the Owner.

Only a True Pet Lover will know!

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