On A Lighter Note: Relate-Able!

Here is to everyone of you to have a little laughter!

Watch This

We as Pet Parents know that how these Animals treat their little ones and how they teach them specifically everything!

I remember how my Kate taught her little puppy how to jump out of the play pen and it was just a beautiful sight filled with laughter and chuckles that how she kept calling the lil one and waited until the pup climbed out of the pen.

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Sunday Post: To Keep Or Not To Keep A Pet?

The question arises in the family where one of the family member asks the elders of the house before bringing in a pet. The answer is somehow considered to be mutual whereas, the answer should be thought over and over again in order to make the correct decision. First of all most of the people make mistakes and that is not deciding together whether to keep a pet or not. It is very essential to understand that PETS are not for entertainment neither a toy to play with. The animals are very emotional, and attached with their owners as they take them as family and that is what they have until the end of their time. Most families do take in account to sit down and think over how would they work out their time around a pet. Having a pet is a difficult task for those who would own for the first time. Before reading on this article I would like you to visit my previous Article of Want To Be A Pet Parent, where you would learn how to keep a pet and what things you need to consider before having one. Always remember that Animals are just like children, they also need the same time, affection, care and love from you as your child does, they also have their needs and you do need to take care of them throughout your lifetime because this is what you would be volunteering to.

Here is the list below which you should consider before thinking about adding a furry friend to your family.

1- Be prepared with the breed and type of an Animal that you choose as a pet;

2- Be careful with the treatment of your children with pets as with the consequences, Animals are not to be blamed if your child bothers them, a good parenting is keeping an eye on your pet and training them what is good and bad;

3- Vet visits would come along, regular checkups, annual vaccinations, deworming and grooming;4

4- Monitor their diet, as you would have to watch how far their health is improving;

5- Weather plays a vital role in the health of the Animal so it is necessary to check which breed and characteristic are your willing to take care of through your lifetime.

If you have these pointers ready in your head then you’re all good otherwise it is always advised that it is good to sit together and do a proper homework before getting yourself a Pet, because we are not talking about a Toy, we are concerned about a Lifetime responsibility of an Animal.

Let me know if you have any queries in the comment section below.

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How To Find Out What Is The Right Food For Your Pet?

Hey there, since most of you have been asking this question in the comments and on my social media handles that how to find out which food is best for your Cat or Dog, which brand would be suitable for your pets. Let me be very honest with you guys, I know that you are working and are pretty occupied with your routine that you actually opt for Dry Food Bags which are easily available at the Supermarkets, it’s not wrong, it’s really fine but do you actually know what does the Bag has inside as in ingredients? That is very essential to find out. In a recent case, someone had complained about a Cat Food that is locally manufactured yet, they had not really done a thorough research on their Food that could cause a chaotic situation with the Cat Parents.

This is a shared screenshot of a concerned Cat Parent who is trying to raise awareness for the Pet owners to be careful what they are feeding their Animals. Unfortunately, there is still room for improvement and it’s very essential to please do your homework before giving hazardous or dangerous to your pets because unlike us, they can’t come running to you for unforseen situation like pain in belly, swollen gland, diarrhea, vomit and etc, so it’s always better to run over the Ingredients section at the back of the pack.

Share to create awareness as it’s important and very much needed information.

Stay safe and take care of your pets.

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It’s That Time Of The Year, Take Care Of Your Pets

Don’t forget that it’s that time of the year where you cannot leave your pets unattended outside your house. So please, if you think you cannot handle the responsibility that comes with Pets then please do not bother to have one.

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