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  • Animals And Their Characteristics

    It was just yesterday when I was thinking about that how nature has so many forms of living beings on this planet and how Humans tend to consider it as their own. It was a while ago when I was actually going through a horrific news where little children were bullying a little puppy who […]

  • Sunday Post: Meet My Fluff Ball

    Hello readers! hope all of you are in the best of health and doing great. I want you to meet my little pet, who has taken over my personal space and has too much taken over my heart and mind. Here: Meet Pomie my baby Cat Follow us on our Facebook Group

  • How To Monitor The Health Of Your Cat

    When we keep pets at home, we often need to remind ourselves that it might be easy to have a pet around but to be sure how they are doing is far most important thing. When we talk about felines, we tend to take it lightly as most of Cat owners, they forget that Cats […]

  • The Trauma Of Losing A Pet

    It is indeed still traumatizing for me to forget my Diesel, because it was the ever lasting bond that we had, the times when he used to make me fall every-time because he always was notorious and this was his game to make people trip while he crossed them in such a speed. Little did […]

  • Pets Are Family Forever!

    It is very important to understand the fact that the Animals that we bring at home are our family, not a source of entertainment. It is very essential to differentiate between getting a pet as a responsibility and to consider them as a liability. It is weird when I hear people not caring for their […]