Why Would You Do This To Your Pet?

It is very saddening to watch these animals fighting for their life, I don’t understand the fact that why don’t people realize that these Animals are living beings and need the same affection just as Human’s child. Therefore before having a pet at home it is always necessary to understand the bonding between Animal and yourself. It is not just that you just got a toy and now you’re interested in another animals as your pet. Make your children know the difference between the bad and wrong and also to know that these Animals doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

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It does makes a difference in the life of a Pet, if you abandon them because for them you are their whole family! Don’t have them and make them go through the misery that they had never thought of.

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At Times You Just Need A PAW!

After tiring day when you head back home, you realize you have so much to deal with, the chores, the maid, the kids home work and your husband’s whining, but actually, there is always someone who is there to greet you and make you fresh as morning and it’s none other than your PET.

Every time we might be fighting many battles in the back of our head, there is only one being who is right there to make you feel alright, that time not even your children can cure you the way your PET does. They heal our toxins, they take away our stress by just looking at us, when we stroke them and give them big pets, we actually are healing ourselves by doing that, this way we release so much of negativity from within us that they are able to gain that from us.

They release all the positive ions and we enjoy petting our pets because we realize that it’s just because of them you’re staying sane enough to deal with so much going on in your life.

Isn’t it true that? mention in the comments below.

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Kindness Can Teach Respect For Every Living Being

You have heard that children learn from their household because that is the time they spend at home the most. When they grow up they spend most of the time at school which is why they are told to respect their Teachers as they are the ones who teach us ethics, manners, etiquettes, respect for all living beings.

Children are so innocent that they do what they are told to do so, but some of them are so sharp that they are able to understand the difference between the right and wrong which eventually ends up with scolding from the parents. This is why it is always said that it is always good to teach your children to respect everyone no matter whether they are our family or strangers, this is how they will become better adults. It is often said that if children are given responsibility they would be liable for it the whole life, but it is not necessary all the time as mostly it is observed that Parents do fulfil their child’s request of getting them gifts in any form, when it is unfortunately an animal, then it is taken for granted. Parents get their child a gift of a pet dog or a cat or any other animal and after couple of days some children don’t want to take the responsibility or some of them are so uncertain that they often mistreat the animal which ends up in giving up his life!

It is very important for Parents to teach their children empathy towards Animals because this is the only way which can make them a better Human and a person at heart, why? because an animal is the one who cannot give anything in return except of loyalty, love, affection and utmost care. He is the one who is actually on your command. If you would give food only then he would eat, if you won’t he won’t be able to eat. If you would let him out only then he would poo because he knows, if he does it inside then he’d get it good scolding. This is what brings responsibility of giving meals on times, taking them on vet visits, then spending time and making a special bond between them. This all is so amazing that, anyone would become a better person because I know, it is the Pets that brings out the best version of us within us.

Think about it.

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Teach Your Children To Be Kind Towards Animals

It is very important to teach your children empathy towards Animals and not just for their domestic pets but towards all the animals that they see anywhere. The reason that today I am here talking about once again the teaching the right conduct to children is that I witnessed a strange behavior and attitude of two young children who were walking by their father and they had a pet dog Labrador on leash. The pet dog seemed very attached to the children as he was more keen to look out for the children than to sniff around the area.

As I was going towards the nearby supermarket, I saw these two kids with their father and their pet dog, I just admired the dog as he looked young and very energetic and was amazed by the cats in the area. As soon as I got out of my car and shut the door, while turning around I saw the children ran towards the Cats at the corner who were eating their food, and starting hushing them and throwing stones at them. I quickly raised my voice as they were a bit far and loudly said “It’s very bad to disturb the street Animal and why are you hitting the poor cat as she didn’t do any harm to you, you have a dog yourself and yet you are doing this. This is such a bad habit”. They heard me and ran towards their car and watched me while I fed the Cat. I don’t understand this behavior of children because I wonder what are the parents teaching them at home? Empathy is for everyone, to feel their pain, sorrows, happiness, they share the same emotions like Humans then why are they treated so badly.

What I want to tell people is that Animal is the same whether it is pet or a street animal, they deserve the same respect, love and affection. Ofcourse, they are aggressive and defensive as they are on their own finding food for themselves and surviving on the street where there are thousands of people who are ready to kill them yet they are escaping and fighting their own battle of survival. This thought makes me realize that we as parents have a lot to learn and alot to teach. Our parenting shouldn’t be revolving around how you become, it should be about Respecting every living being around us and to value their existence and share the same pain and happiness. If half of us try to implement in this our lifestyle, you would notice a huge change.

Together We Can and We Will Bring A Change.

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