Invading Privacy Of Animals

It is therefore said that never ever to intervene in a life of an animal, whether they are hunting or are in their comfort zone, no matter whatever animal is it.

It is very important to understand the fact that every being has its own habitat and comfort level, similarly, animals are the ones whose comfort level has been on attack always. They are either hit or run and have been usually been mistreated by their Humans (sadly). There might be some of a kind Humans who actually mistreat their pets and torture the for their own pleasure! How disgusting is that. This wasn’t worse that children are the ones to be learning from their adults the same. Just today I witnessed a little child hardly the age of 7, was hitting a poor cat with pebbles while the cat was eating food at the side of the road! He kept on doing until the waiter from one of the nearby restaurant snapped him to stop hitting the cat. This act of the waiter won many hearts present there. While I watched the whole scenario, I called upon the same waiter and asked him about the incident, he replied politely “This kid usually hit these cats and I always scold them because these cats are here as I feed them and I don’t like if anyone hits them”. This guy left me with so many questions in my mind, that why can’t we educated people show some respect to the poor animals just like these people?

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Plea To All The Readers

It is a sincere request to all the readers to please show some kindness and respect to Animals that you encounter on streets or when returning from work.

Things that you need to consider before lending a helping hand:

1- Just do not go crazy to save an animal, make sure that he is not aggressive when you approach him;

2. Keep dry food or bread handy with you;

3. Do no go too close to the street animals as you don’t know how would they react;

4. Place a water bowl and bowl of food at such a place which could be accessible for them;

5- Remember: if you feed them once, it would be your responsibility to feed them everyday. Not to forget, they are Animals and not Humans.

Feed an Animal for 3days, he shall remember you for 3years and more. Feed a Human for 3days, he shall forget you in 3minutes!

You Plan To Relocate, Thinking What To Do About Your Pet?

Most of us share the same stories of life but majority of us don’t exactly know what the other one is going through. We often think that what we go through is more difficult and tough though we tend to forget to realise, the other one might be going through something that is way too disturbing. Everyone catching up in their time zone often forget that when they talk about Family, it also means to count in your pet.

Many people and their stories that I went through, read and even heard made me more shattered than I could ever thought. It is really a difficult situation of life and one has to face the reality that once a pet is always a pet. In order to figure out your plans, you need to think about:

1- What you need to do about your Pet;

2- How would you handle the travel with your pet;

3- Don’t miscalculate the behaviour of your pet post-travel, they do sense something is up;

4- Keep all the basic necessities of your pet, first aid kid and water carrier, poop bags and etc;


It is sad to see how people can simply abandon their pets upon relocating or expanding their family. How can one do this to their child? Have you ever wondered, how is a Human The child or a animal different than the other? The first thing that comes to our mind is “what would we do with our pet”? How will we take him along? These typical question arises but we fail to understand, that these questions should have arose earlier while adopting a pet!

Therefore, it is advised to please consider your pet as your family, they aren’t any less than a child. They have a heart, emotions, sentiments to express.

Animals are an innocent living being treat them with love and care!

Party Week Is Over!

Good morning people!

Hoping everybody had a brilliant week. First of all a big thank you to those who got in touch with me personally. I am so overwhelmed with the feeling that my followers look forward to my posts. Thank you everyone! ☺️

Before I begin with my regular postings, I would like to mention that- I am not going to entertain any inappropriate comments on any of my posts regardless if you like or dislike. The fact is creating awareness and it is time that we should step a little ahead, be stronger and face the struggle and hardship together rather than pointing on others or passing on hate comments.

My writing represents the inner voice of every animal out there. I witness their pain, happiness and mixed emotions whether they are in shelters or as a domestic pet- each and every word simply represents the Animals. I am really glad to see a positivity that my writing is bringing between each and every individual and to see them implementing on their daily basis is like mission accomplished.

Thank you everyone for your support and being a part of my cause to create and bring a Change in our Furry Friend’s life.

Stay tuned for more!

Hope For Life

I saved a Life!

Ever heard that voice from inside yourself? What a feeling it is to actually be happy from the inside out. As it is said “Success comes to those who go out of their comfort zone”. So, similarly- happiness comes to those who seek happiness in tiniest things around. We often tend to get hyper or even fake out stories on social media trying to actually act like a Hero! Honestly, how many of us actually try to go out of our set zone to basically help someone?

Since the time I have had pets, my life has been revolving around each and every animal existing on our planet! It might sound a bit weird to some but if you think about it- you would understand my thoughts. All I know is, we have a short life and in this short span of time we have to study, earn, get a good job then settle down- also we need to take our own hobbies into account! And what if, we also take a step forward and be the helping hand of someone in dire need! That gut feeling from the inside really pushes you hard to the extent that you would actually do anything to safe that poor soul.

There have been times where I followed my inner voice and eventually ended up going all the way to save an animal. You wouldn’t believe and it was a beautiful Eagle who accidentally got electrocuted by one of the electrical wire. I had no clue with handling an eagle but was totally devastated to find the bird in that condition lying in one of the place of my dog. It was 2am and I had immediately called the Vet. Thanks to him that he came over by half an hour and took the bird with him. Because I feared that my dogs would have bothered the Eagle and that birdy wasn’t in the condition to fly or even save his life.

The next morning, I called my Vet and found out that the Eagle has been named as “Flight”. Upon asking the Vet, he answered “Flight (The Eagle) has been very enthusiastic on flipping her wings though she is injured but is still trying to fly”.

The other day before going to bed, I thought to myself that I have been blessed to save a soul and nothing can beat the happiness that I can feel at that moment.

Share your happy stories with us!

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