On The LookOut

Since we have been informing you about the wild animal (Porcupine) who happens to live in this secluded area, has a huge family of 5. Somehow we managed to have a so-called look of their den.

As you can see, we are unable to stroll more around as the place was a bit narrow and we thought of staying safe rather than going more ahead in our lookout.

Porcupine In The Neighbourhood

A porcupine is spotted and it is always good to stay away from it to be on the safe side.

What you can do if you spot on:

1- Always good to have a stick with you so you can hush it away;

2- Never intervene or call out names to a wild animal;

3- Don’t create panic;

4- It is advised not to leave you children unattended while on a walk;

It is usually seen that children are the ones who prompt the animals and disturb them. If you see your child doing it, you should stop them there only because later in life, it would turn out to be a problem with your own Kid.

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Spotted A Porcupine!

This little wild animal has been spotted in my vicinity. Yes it was all alert and I somehow managed to capture him.

Nature is just amazing and it is so amazing to see these different living beings amongst us.

Do you know what is it called? Share your answers in the comment below.

Just wow!

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