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  • Friday Post: What Would You Say About This?

    Here we are killing all the dogs on the street because one of them just bit a person on the street. Only if we knew what Islam taught us, then probably we would have been better and sensible person. This is what our Religion teaches us, we should open the Holy Book and read it…

  • Friday Quote

    This is what my religion teaches us. I don’t know which religion do these murderers follow . Follow us on IG: @HenaBlogForPaws Follow us on TikTok: @HenaBlogForPaws Follow us on FaceBook Group: @HenaBlogForPaws

  • How Many Of Us Are Kind To Other Living Beings?

    Just a normal question that I wish to ask many of you, that how many of us really care for the lives of the other living beings? After all, they are also well-deserving living species just like us and the only difference that I can think of is, either they are two winged, two legged…

  • Saturday Post

  • Show Kindness As It Is Very Rare!

    It is a fact, none of the nations succeed if their living beings are hurt or left in scarcity. As a child, I was determined on my behavior towards animals specially. Now you would wonder, why animals and not Humans. My answer is: Animals because they say no harm and bring no harm. One of…

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